Where can I Buy Postcards?

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Most shoppers don’t have to look for long to find many of the places that sell postcards. They may be available in hotels, drug stores, and even gas stations. Some cities have visitor’s bureaus that will offer people postcards for free, though they may limit number that any one person can take. Where to buy postcards depends much on the type a person is looking for.

For tourists, just about any store dedicated to tourism sells postcards with pictures of locations that are fun or interesting to visit. People can buy images of many different types at amusement parks, national or regional parks, visitor’s centers at points of interest, museums, zoos, and in lots of little stores in any place they visit. Hotels and motels may offer free postcards for tourist use, and they can also be purchased at most stationary stores, drug stores and some grocery stores. Especially in areas where tourism is high, the question may not be where to buy them, but how to avoid buying too many.


Postcards aren’t just for vacations though, and many use them to send a quick note to others while saving on postage. For more generic cards that aren’t printed with photographs of local points of interest, shoppers still have lots of choices. Probably the best option is local stationary or office supply stores for a few postcards with pretty or interesting pictures or drawings. Another option is to purchase blank postcards, which are often available at office supply stores and online, and illustrate them.

Some teachers have postcard exchange programs, and since money is often tight in schools, buying inexpensive postcards may be a good idea. Here, teachers may want to get in touch with city council or tourism boards in their area to see if they can get free postcards for children to send to kids in other towns or countries. Alternately, teachers could buy postcards that are blank in bulk at office supply stores nearby or online. This may help save money, and kids can draw pictures for their pen pals.

Businesses may also benefit from blank postcards, or from those custom ordered, to remind customers of appointments or to briefly advertise sales and specials. Since postage on postcards is less expensive, this can be a money-saving way to keep in touch with customers. Usually, the least expensive way to buy postcards that are custom ordered is online or through print, stationary, or office supply stores.

Another way to keep in touch with folks is by sending e-postcards, which some companies allow people to send for free. There are also some businesses that work specifically with company customers to send out reminder postcards to their clients. Smart programmers can also design their own postcards for business purposes. With an email address list handy, they can send them out to advertise specials or to remind clients of upcoming appointments or events.


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Post 5

I think that postcards are a great memory and I always buy them when go to some other cities! They are easy to carry - you can buy as many as you want, plus you can send them to your friends and family to share your experience! It's always nice to receive a postcard!

Being a photographer I created a Miami collection of 12 postcards with 21 views of the city.

Post 4

I prefer e-postcards for actual communication, but I love to buy postcards. They are prettier sometimes than any picture I could take of the places I visit myself, and they are so durable. I love making collages of them to put on my walls.

Post 3

I've started a new tradition of sending Christmas postcards. I've always sent out Christmas cards, but a few years back, I got the idea to send Christmas postcards -- I like to do things a little different.

And the fact that the postage is cheaper is a definite bonus. Especially since you send out so many Christmas cards at once.

I've never tried the blank postcard. Maybe that will be my next endeavor -- to send out Christmas postcards that I've illustrated myself!

Post 2

I always buy a photo postcard whenever I'm on a trip, to send to my mom. I've never actually thought of buying postcards to use as regular correspondence while at home. I think I like the idea though.

I'll have to visit some shops in town and see what I can find. I love sending written letters, even though you can do everything on the computer now. Sending postcards sounds even better. Maybe I could even buy some antique postcards. My mom would love that! Thanks for the idea!

Post 1

I love buying postcards whenever we go on vacation, though I don't send them to anyone. They are just keepsakes from each trip. And, although you could probably find a ton of them if you were to go through my old boxes, I've gotten to the point where I just look for the one perfect card to represent our entire trip. It's a fun hunt through different gift shops to find "the card."

The whole family has actually gotten into it, and everyone is on the lookout in each shop, store, gas station, museum, etc. that we visit. It's a fun family tradition.

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