Where can I Buy a Sarong?

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There are many different places and ways to buy a sarong. If you plan to travel to any of the countries where sarongs are traditionally worn, then you will have a wonderful opportunity to peruse markets for these garments. They are widely available in Eastern Africa, Southern Asia, and the Pacific Islands. The best thing about buying them in these locales is that you can study how the native people wear the garment. These garments are also available in other stores around the world, as well as through catalogs and online.

Sarongs have gained popularity in Northern America as beachwear, so they are often available in department stores that have good swim wear departments. It is important to note that, when you buy a sarong in a department store, you will not necessarily be purchasing a traditional garment. Many of those sold in the West as "sarongs" are actually much smaller than the traditional ones, and they may include snaps, zippers, and ties as well as trendy embellishments.


If you are looking to buy a sarong of the traditional style but do not plan to travel a great distance for your purchase, look in your local yellow pages or consult the Internet to see if there is a store or business in your area that sells them. If there is a South Asian, East African, or Pacific Islander community in your city, you might be able to find what you're looking for in a store there. These communities are more common in larger cities.

If your city does not have a store where you can go to buy a sarong, look into purchasing through a catalog. There are many online and catalog businesses that sell beautiful traditional garments. Furthermore, sarongs are generally cut as "one size fits all" so all you have to do is find a great pattern or color that you love and submit your order. If you are concerned about needing a larger size, however, there is often an option to purchase a plus size version of the garment. With a few folds, tucks, and perhaps a well placed brooch, your sarong will be tailored to your fit in no time (and at no extra cost to you).


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Post 8

Where are the shops that sell sarongs in the Toronto area?

Post 6

Buying your sarong online is another way to go. And you're right, they do make great gifts.

Post 3

There are several online shops that are based in Asia that ship their sarongs worldwide. While they aren't as cheap as visiting the markets themselves, they are still much less expensive than those you would find in department stores and swimming wear shops. This is even after the cost of shipping is figured in.

The great thing about online shopping for sarongs is that you can often choose your fabrics and sizes with ease. Also, some shops make their sarongs as custom orders at low prices, so if you have something in mind you can also have it made cheaply.

Post 2

If you have the opportunity to shop in South East Asia, in places like Thailand and Malaysia, for example, you can get amazing deals on sarongs.

Often you can find a variety of styles at markets for as low as a couple of dollars. They come in every size and color imaginable, and also in a variety of fabrics.

They make an amazing gift for the ladies back home, so I really recommend stocking up on them when you travel. They are light, easy to pack and can be an inexpensive but traditional gift. If you need to, you can also ship them home very cheaply.

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