Where Are the Best Places to Get Surgery Abroad?

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Among the best places to get surgery abroad are India, Costa Rica, South Africa and Thailand. Mexico and Brazil are also noted destinations for medical treatment abroad. Depending upon the type of surgery needed, countries such as El Salvador and Turkey may also be suitable places to have surgery abroad.

Often referred to as medical tourism or surgery tourism, individuals traveling abroad often do so for the express purpose of receiving top-notch medical care at very affordable costs. When going abroad, surgery can sometimes cost as much as 70 percent less than similar procedures in one’s native country. For this reason, having surgery abroad is growing in popularity and many people are planning entire vacations around the need or desire for certain medical procedures.

Procedures such as gastric bypass surgery and cosmetic dentistry are routinely performed in places like India. With clean, modern facilities and highly trained doctors, many foreigners opt for surgery abroad in India as a way to gain access to high-quality medical care while recuperating in solitude. Such destinations have become so popular for these and similar procedures that certain travel companies have begun specializing in medical tourism and offer assistance in making travel arrangements and room accommodations.


Costa Rica is another very popular destination for surgery abroad. With multiple hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), many travel to Costa Rica for affordable care. While a plethora of medical services are offered in Costa Rican hospitals, this locale is often chosen for patients desiring or requiring plastic surgery. Individuals battling cancer and other ailments often travel to Costa Rica for treatment and for periods of recuperation in serene surroundings.

South Africa, Mexico and Thailand are also noted destinations for heart bypass surgeries, as well as cosmetic surgery. Several skilled professionals offer quality care in each of these countries. While costs vary, many find that the same surgery abroad may be less than half the cost of these same surgeries in other countries.

Individuals seeking cosmetic surgery abroad or Lasik surgery often choose Turkey, where costs may compete with those of certain Asian and Central American destinations. The same can be said for El Salvador and Brazil. Surgery abroad in any of these destinations does not have to be a solo excursion, as local hotels and recreational activities are often very inviting to family members who wish to accompany loved ones on medical visits and are able to enjoy a scenic vacation at the same time.


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Very nice article. I was in the Czech Republic for a plastic surgery operation and I must say, I am satisfied with the result.

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