Where are Some Cheap Romantic Getaways?

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Couples that want to be alone but are on a tight budget often wonder if there are still any cheap romantic getaways today. The good news is that there are a number of options where little or no expense required to enjoy each other’s company without a lot of distractions. For couples who are interested in a short vacation, an anniversary or honeymoon, or just getting away for the weekend, house swapping, camping, or hotels in the off season can offer cheap romantic getaways that will fit into just about any budget.

One of the easiest ways to combine romantic getaways with a vacation is to swap residences with another couple living in another location. This option normally requires nothing more than handling transportation costs and a commitment to pay utility bills and leave the place in the same condition it was in at the time of the swap. Online networks have made it easy for couples who want to get away with relatively little expense to get in touch with one another and arrange to swap residences for a couple of weeks or a month.


Another example of cheap romantic getaways is camping for the weekend. This only works if the both individuals enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Many campgrounds offer areas for tent camping, with amenities such as showers and grills for cooking located within easy walking distances. The cost per day to camp is usually nominal, making it very easy for a couple on a tight budget to enjoy weekend getaways without spending a lot of money. Plus, it is usually possible to set up camp in an area where there is a fair amount of privacy.

Affordable weekend getaways can also involve being on the lookout for special deals at hotels during the off season. While this may mean going to a beach resort in October rather than during the summer months, the savings are often significant. The couple can enjoy first class amenities for a fraction of the cost, making the concept of off season getaways very attractive.

Cheap romantic getaways often require a little planning and making arrangements in advance. However, the savings in terms of cost can be substantial. For couples who need to watch expenses but still have the desire to slip away for some time alone, a little creativity and watching for a good deal can lead to fun and exciting cheap romantic getaways.


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Post 2

@ Amphibious54 - It’s funny you should talk about staying in hostels as a romantic getaway, because I recently stayed in a Hostel in Huang Shan, China with my fiancée. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and my fiancée and I had the time of our lives. The city is located in China's Anhui Province and is tucked at the base of the Huang mountain range; imposing peaks of granite that reached into the sky like jagged fingers. The people of Huang Shan were great, the food was awesome, souvenir shopping was a blast (if not a little intimidating at times) and the hostel was like most hotels.

We would feast for about 20 USD

, our private room was around 20 USD per night, and riding around the town in our own personal rickshaw was very cheap. We knew very little mandarin, but our phones had an app for language translation. We saw some of the most beautiful sunsets while we were there, and we traveled to some of the most secluded places I have ever been. All in all we stayed for about three weeks on what would it would have cost to stay a few days in a hotel in Shanghai. We also travelled to China mostly on miles. We have decided that when we travel abroad this is the way will do it from now on.

Post 1

If you like to travel, hostels can be a surprisingly cheap (and yes romantic) getaway idea. Modern hostels are more like hotels. They often have private rooms and bathrooms, but they may be located in a part of town that is more “rustic”. This can have the added effect of adding adventure to a romantic getaway.

Instead of being pampered at the spa of a ritzy resort, you may take a hike to a local hot spring or secluded waterfall. You can soak in the sights and sounds of the region, taste unbelievable foods that you have never seen before, and experience a bit of culture. Living like a local from another culture can create some very romantic memories.


my experience passion and thrill are very similar emotions, and traveling to a new place, while leaving out the security of an all inclusive resort, can make the line between the two even more hazy. Being able to share those moments with a loved one can definitely create some romanticized moments to be relived as stories retold.

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