When Did Pink Become a Girl's Color?

Before the mid-1900s, there were no specific colors associated with children's clothing. Though pink and blue both became popular colors for infant clothing after World War I, it wasn't until the 1940s that pink became specifically associated with girls and blue associated with boys.

More facts about children's clothing:

  • Before the 1940s, pink and blue were recommended for both boy and girl babies, according to a number of different metrics. For example, one magazine recommended dressing boy babies in pink because it was a "more decided and stronger color" and therefore more suitable for boys, while blue was "delicate and dainty," so it was better suited for girls.

  • During the Victorian age, it was quite common for boys to be dressed in dresses for pictures, complete with frills and matching hats.

  • Historically, most children wore simple white dresses. Not only were they easier to clean, they were gender-neutral enough to be passed down to any siblings. Though gender-neutral clothing for kids had a comeback during the 1970s, by the 1980s, gender-specific clothing was back in style.

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