What's the Biggest Thing You Can Rent?

Some companies go all out when it comes to renting the biggest and most expensive venues for their holiday parties. For example, in 2014, Facebook took over the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park. Not wanting to be outdone, LinkedIn employees partied at Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. If profits keep rolling in, executives could even consider renting a country – such as the principality of Liechtenstein – for $70,000 USD (£43,000) a night. This pricey but unique deal is available through Airbnb, an online service that specializes in connecting people with more intimate and exotic accommodation options all over the world.

When money is no object:

  • The principality of Liechtenstein covers about 61.7 square miles (159.8 square km) in Central Europe, and has a population of around 36,000. According to Airbnb, renting the country will provide you with accommodation for up to 900 of your closest friends.

  • Upon arrival, renters will be presented with a symbolic key to the state, followed by a wine tasting at the estate of Prince Hans-Adam II.

  • Don't need an entire country? For $65,000 USD a night, check out Airbnb's offering of the Austrian village of Alpbach in the Tyrolean Alps.

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