What Will Movies Be like in the Future?

Some movies are labeled as "must-see," but how many have been described as "can't-see"? Well, there is at least one, thanks to a collaboration between actor John Malkovich, director Robert Rodriguez, and the Rémy Martin cognac brand Louis XIII. The forward-thinking team got together in 2015 to make 100 Years, a movie inspired by the amount of time it takes to create a bottle of the famed cognac. A century is also how long everyone will have to wait to see the movie, which is now locked in a high-tech, bulletproof safe that will not open until November 18, 2115. No description of the movie has been made available, but Rodriguez described it as "elegant and emotionally charged."

The film none of us will ever see:

  • Besides starring in the film, Malkovich also wrote it. The only known plot details are that the film is set in 2015, has a sci-fi theme, and involves heroic male and female leads and a bad guy.

  • 100 Years also stars Taiwanese actress Shuya Chang, and Chilean actor Marko Zaror.

  • One thousand people around the world received a pair of metal tickets to the film's 2115 premiere. The invitations can be passed down to their descendants, who presumably haven't yet been born.

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