What Tips will Help Me get a Lower Phone Bill?

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There are several ways to lower phone bill costs, even if you have already resorted and failed to haggle with a sales representative. If you are also paying for television or Internet, see if the phone company offers those services and what it charges to bundle them together. Depending on the company, this can work for both landlines and mobile phones. In addition, if the bill is a landline, compare prices to a mobile phone and mobile phone package and consider switching entirely to the mobile phone if the prices are better. Lastly, whether you have a landline or mobile phone, canceling the extra features or minutes is one way to lower phone bill costs.

Bundling is a term used when a company bills one person for multiple services and typically gives that person a discount. It is common for companies to bundle landline phones with Internet and television channel packages, but some companies also offer mobile phone service and can bundle that too. Generally, the more services ordered through one company, the greater the discount it gives you for purchasing through them. Bundling is not always an available or convenient option to lower phone bill costs, especially if the company does not offer other services.


Landlines are becoming increasingly rare as both individuals and companies of all sizes choose mobile phones and voice-over Internet Protocol (voIP) for their everyday communication needs. If you have a landline, try comparing prices and switching to a mobile phone or voIP to lower phone bill costs. Mobile phone and voIP carriers are often highly competitive and may give better rates and more features. If you have one of these phone services already, shop around for different rates and keep in mind that some companies will buy your way out of contracts in order for you to sign with them.

Often, people add extras to their phone packages, or the package comes with extras, and they do not realize how much it is costing them. For some people, call waiting and caller identification are must-haves, while others can live — and save — without them. Still, sometimes packages come with extras that are rarely or never used, like dial by voice and roadside assistance. These extras add up and might be costing you a sizable percentage of your overall bill every month. If you can do without them, call the service provider in order to cancel them and lower phone bill costs next month.


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