What Should I Write About in my College Essay?

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Deciding on what to write for your college essay can be difficult, but there are a few general guidelines that can help you determine the subject that would be best for you. You should typically begin by considering whatever question or topic is presented in the requirements for the college you are interested in attending. While this will often present you with a sense of direction for your paper, you will typically have a great deal of control over your subject matter. Ultimately, you should write your college essay about a subject that interests you personally or that you are passionate about, and your essay should say something about you and represent who you are.

A college essay is typically a written paper, often fairly short, that is part of a college application. This can be one of the most important parts of an application, and may serve to distinguish you from many other applicants. One of the first considerations you should have as you write your college essay is the topic question presented to you by the college.


These questions are often fairly vague or general, allowing you to expand upon them a great deal. One college may ask you to write about a person who has been influential in your life, while another may ask you to write about your goals or aspirations while at college. Some college essay questions may be even more open, but they will still typically give you a general sense of direction for your essay. You should use this as a place to start from, and then begin brainstorming and considering answers to the question.

The brainstorming process can take some time, several days to a few weeks is quite common, so do not be upset if an idea for your college essay does not come to you immediately. A college essay can serve to distinguish you from other, equally qualified applicants, so allow yourself the time you need to compose a strong essay. You want your essay to be unique and to speak about you, so choose a subject that means something to you in a personal way and try to use events from your own life, rather than a generic situation or idea.

Regardless of what you write about in your college essay, however, you should read through your essay numerous times to ensure proper grammar and flow to your writing. Have other people read your essay, as many other people as you can find, to help you find any mistakes or issues you may not notice. Parents, teachers, and other students can all provide you with feedback for a paper, so do not hesitate to allow others to help you edit and review your essay; though in the end, the paper should still have your voice.


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Good point Rundocuri. Also, if you are a student who is stressing about writing this important part of your application, study some college essay examples. This will help to guide you as you write your own.

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College entrance essays are easy to do when students simply make sure to be themselves when they write them.

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