What Should I See in Key West?

Cathy Rogers

Key West is a small town with so much to do! Most likely someone will ask if you have watched the sunset at Mallory Square. Located at northwest tip of Key West, this is where visitors and locals alike gather to watch the sun go down and enjoy the many carnival type activities, including tightrope walkers, fire-eaters and more.

Key West has many beautiful beaches.
Key West has many beautiful beaches.

Duval Street runs several blocks through Key West and hosts tons of shops, restaurants and bars. The Conch Tour Train is a great way to get an idea of what you might like to visit. Not only will you hear the history of Key West along the way, but you’ll be able to cover the area more quickly and know where you would like to return to spend more time. Plenty of other means of transportation exist: electric cars, scooters, and trolley tours. The city itself is easy to maneuver, by foot or other means, because its streets are mostly in a grid pattern.

The Ernest Hemingway House and Museum is a popular attraction in Key West.
The Ernest Hemingway House and Museum is a popular attraction in Key West.

The Southernmost Point is a popular destination for photo-taking. The point is marked with a brightly colored buoy-shaped monument labeled “only 90 miles to Cuba.” Another popular attraction is the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum. While touring the home where the author lived for a little over ten years, you will learn about Hemingway’s life and books and get a close look at the descendants of the author’s six-toed cat.

Key West offers beautiful sunsets.
Key West offers beautiful sunsets.

Another well-liked Key West attraction is the Harry S. Truman Little White House Museum. The locale is on the National Register of Historic Places and is Florida’s only Presidential Museum. You can choose a guided tour or you can guide yourself through the botanical gardens.

Key West is an ideal place for snorkeling.
Key West is an ideal place for snorkeling.

Although there isn’t a lot of beach area on Key West, it’s there if you know where to find it, which is on the Atlantic Ocean side. One of the more popular is Dog Beach because it’s canine-friendly. Other beaches include Smathers Beach, Higgs Beach, Rest Beach and Broken Glass Beach. Beach activities include swimming, volleyball, snorkeling. Another favorite beach is located at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.

Of course with all this touring and exploring, you’ll need nourishment and refreshment. Be sure to experience the specialties of Key West: key lime pie, fresh seafood and a tropical drink.

The Southernmost Point in Key West is “only 90 miles to Cuba.”.
The Southernmost Point in Key West is “only 90 miles to Cuba.”.

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My favorite spot in Key West, Florida, is hands-down Louie's Back Yard.

Known as Jimmy Buffet's favorite hangout, I can see why after spending some time there on a beautiful afternoon. Water, lots of it, sand, and amazing views from every angle.


Don't miss the walking ghost tours held every evening. You'll learn about Key West hotels, bed & breakfasts and other old homes on the island.

Even if you aren't a believer, the ghost tours are filled with island history and make for a fascinating evening.


I wouldn't recommend renting an electric car (the battery can die at the worst time) or a scooter either, because they're known on the island as morgue-cicles...too many people just don't bother with the rules of the road.

Rent a bicycle with a lock. You can ride around and really get the feel of Key West, Florida. It's fun biking to breakfast, the beach, lunch, shopping, sunset at Mallory Square, or dinner. We even enjoyed riding around in the middle of the day just to look at all the Victorian architecture.

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