What Should I Look for in Used Office Furniture?

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Choosing to purchase used office furniture rather than new can save you a lot of money. However, just as when buying a used car or anything else that has been previously owned, it’s important to know what to look for and how to shop in order to avoid overspending and/or making a choice that you will later regret. Fortunately, a variety of tips can help the seeker of used office furniture shop successfully.

When seeking used office furniture, you should look at thrift shops and second-hand stores, as well as used office furniture stores. With increasing numbers of people working from home, it is less unusual than it used to be to find a good office chair or filing cabinet in among household items. Depending on the type of furniture you’re seeking, flea markets and garage sales may also turn up useful items for certain purposes, such as a magazine stand for a reception area or a bookshelf.

In addition, the local department of sanitation may have valuable items that a thoughtless person threw away instead of seeking to dispose of in a more environmentally-friendly way. In fact, some departments of sanitation have special locations to which people can bring items that are in no way ready for the landfill and donate them. Newspaper ads and online ads for your area can also be useful.


Consider the alternative of buying refurbished office furniture. Big ticket items that have been refurbished — cubicles, for example — may come with a warranty despite being used. Refurbished furniture often looks like new. After all, quite a lot of office furniture does not receive much wear and tear in the first place.

Test everything you consider buying. Lean on or try to shake used office furniture to make sure it is sturdy. Look underneath and behind to make sure no screws or brackets are missing. Test every drawer to make sure it slides easily and look inside to make sure there isn’t interior damage. Then take the drawers out and look inside the piece of furniture itself to check for wear or damage.

Also, be sure to check the feet of all furniture to make sure that rollers roll properly and test chair adjustments to ensure that they work as expected. When it comes to upholstery, you should check for stains and tears. Also make sure it is securely attached to the furniture. If you find problems, you may wish to consider whether it’s worth repairing or refurbishing used office furniture yourself that’s basically in good condition but has a few fixable flaws.


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