What Should I Look for in a Bentwood Rocking Chair?

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A bentwood rocking chair is made from wood that has been steamed and bent into curved shapes. Craftsmanship is quite important when choosing the best bentwood rocking chair, and designs can be quite elaborate. When choosing the best design, look for a bentwood rocking chair that is as elaborate or simple as the overall aesthetic of the room in which it will be placed, and decide what type of finish you want for your room. Some woods finish lighter, while others can be quite dark. Above all else, be sure the chair is comfortable and strong enough to support sitting regularly.

Many designs of a bentwood rocking chair position the seat back in such a way that the chair tips steeply. Be sure that the chair is stable enough to support you when rocking backward; a poorly designed bentwood rocking chair may allow you to rock too far backward, thereby tipping the chair over. The front of the chair will often feature a large, sweeping curve that tilts the seat of the chair down and backward as well, so be sure to test for stability and comfort.


The seat and seat back may or may not feature a cushion. These parts of the chair can be made from wood, wicker, or other materials, so be sure to check these parts of the chair for durability and comfort. If the chair is upholstered, be sure to note the material used for the upholstery. Remember that upholstery may need cleaning at some point in the future, so be sure the upholstery used on the rocking chair you are considering can be cleaned easily. If the chair is not upholstered and you find it to be uncomfortable without cushions, check to see if it is feasible to add a cushion to the chair for added comfort.

A bentwood rocking chair tends to be highly ornate, so when it comes to choosing the best design, you are left up to your own preferences. Be sure to choose a chair that is appropriately ornate but also fitting with the aesthetic of the room. Some chairs tend to be so ornate they are simply not comfortable; try to avoid such chairs, unless you plan on using your bentwood rocking chair for display purposes only. If this is the case, consider searching for an antique chair; they will be more expensive and more fragile, but they will be more elegant and worthy of being a showpiece.


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My family makes a nice bentwood rocker, in a more modern style. It is top of the line, but at $2,000, only costs half what similar designer chairs cost. It won't tip over, and is easy to get in and out of, even for pregnant women. There are also more stylish solid wood rockers too. Rapson Bentwood Rocker: Good looking and practical. Great for a nursery.

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