What Should I Know About Turkey Defrosting?

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Post 3

So how do those quick defrost turkeys work? I have always wondered how they could make such a big bird like that defrost in just a few hours, or however long it takes.

My friend said it was because they had put some kind of chemicals in the bird to react with the air and make it defrost, but that seemed a little off to me -- surely we would be able to taste a difference if it was like that, right?

So can you explain to me how this works? I am really wondering about this, since I was considering using a quick defrost turkey for Christmas, but really want to learn more about it before I go out and buy one.

Thanks guys!

Post 2

Oh my, the whole turkey defrosting thing. My family had to go through this long, drawn out battle with my grandmother when they first started out those turkey defrosting guides, because she was a die-hard leave it on the counter person.

And to be perfectly fair, it's not like any of us ever got sick growing up eating her turkeys at holidays, but I honestly don't know how, because she would really just take that thing out of the freezer and put it in a garbage bag in the sink.

Now we've finally gotten her to agree to let us defrost the turkey in cold water, but she won't have anything to do with it -- and she still complains that the ice gives it a "taste," even though since the turkey is frozen to begin with, I'm not quite sure how that happens...

Post 1

Excellent article! I know so many people who think that the best way to defrost a turkey is by running it under hot water, when in fact that is so, so dangerous!

I'm so glad that you all provided a good, safe method of defrosting a turkey, since nobody likes to get e coli for Thanksgiving.

Also, if you want to make things super easy, then there are a lot of places online where you can type in how much your turkey weighs and get the appropriate turkey defrosting time, which is really good for the math-illiterate like me.

Thanks again for a great article!

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