What Should I Know About Long Distance Relationships?

A relationship can be challenging enough, but can be even more so when you don’t live near your significant other. Long distance relationships aren’t for everyone; while some can easily deal with it, there are those that have a rough time. Before putting your time and energy into one, evaluate the situation carefully to decide if a long distance relationship is for you.

One downside to long distance relationships is not having the ability to see each other on the spur of the moment. While most couples have the opportunity to be in the presence of their significant other relatively quickly, someone who is involved in a long distance relationship will most likely not have that luxury. Seeing each other usually requires planning and, in some cases, quite a bit of money for travel expenses.

Trust is quite important in any relationship, but it is especially so in long distance relationships. Some people can let paranoia overtake them in their belief that because they are not in the same area, their significant other is cheating. There needs to be complete trust, whether or not your significant other lives close by. If it’s not, there then it may be time to re-examine the relationship. A lack of trust won’t make the relationship flourish, but will most likely contribute to its demise.

Long distance relationships can be a good reminder to not take your significant other for granted. Each call and visit, especially if you are in a military relationship, can feel more important than the last. When there isn’t the opportunity to see or talk to your significant other whenever you please, you learn to treasure and appreciate whatever moments you do have.

Lack of communication and face to face contact can prove frustrating for those that are in a long distance relationship. A webcam can help with this problem as it provides an opportunity to see your significant other even if they cannot physically be there. In addition, consider getting free long distance as part of your cell phone plan. It can provide the opportunity to talk as long possible without the huge phone bill.

Many people in long distance relationships can get wrapped up in the present and forget about the future. Chances are good that one or both of you is going to eventually want to move to a location where you can see each other frequently, if not on a daily basis. If you are absolutely not willing to move at any point, it should be something that is talked about with your significant other before the feelings get any deeper.

While long distance relationships can be difficult, they aren’t impossible. It takes effort, extremely strong communication skills and trust but they can work. As long as both parties are committed to doing what they can to maintain the relationship, there’s a good chance that it can go strong and thrive.

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Long distance relationships can be quite difficult, especially when all you want to do is be next to the that special person.

In my case, I completely trust him and I have no doubt he trusts me too. The only thing is his way of showing affection is not the same as mine and it can be difficult at times. Then I remember how much I care and how happy he makes me feel and I let it slide, but as long as there is trust, I honestly believe anything is possible.

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