What Should I Know About Folding Laundry?

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Many people dislike folding laundry, but developing an organized approach may make the chore more pleasant. Take a few minutes to figure out a simple system that will work for you, such as how many laundry baskets you need so that after you fold the laundry it is easy to put away in different areas of your home. Or, perhaps if you fold laundry, another member of the household could be responsible for putting it away. When it comes to the techniques of folding laundry, there are different ways to fold clothes and linens and you can pick the one that works best for you.

For example, if you don't like the look of a line down the center of the legs of your casual pants, you can hold the pants up with the front facing and then fold the pants in half. The pants are then ready to be placed on a hanger as is or put into a drawer after being folded in half across the width and then perhaps folded over one more time. If a subtle leg crease is desired, start from the bottom legs of the pants and match up the inseams or inside leg seams together. Once you smooth the pant legs out, the pants are ready to hang or fold as described previously.


Sheets can be difficult to fold the traditional way unless there are two people available to each hold two corners and work together to match the corners up and make several folds in the sheet while keeping the fabric smooth. A quick alternative to folding laundry such as sheets is rolling it. Roll each sheet yourself while smoothing it with your hands. Then place each sheet set inside a pillow case for storage. You can store the sheet-filled pillow cases upright in rows side-by-side on a closet shelf.

Blankets as well as towels may also be rolled up and stored on closet shelves. Fold them lengthwise and then at least once across the width before rolling them up like jelly rolls. These rolled blankets and towels can then be stacked attractively on shelving. Rolled towels in a basket also look great on some bathroom shelves. Folding laundry rather than rolling it may work better for storing in hanging closet organizers.

Socks can be pinned together at the tops when folding laundry or rolled together in a ball shape. To roll socks into a ball, first place them together and hold the tops before pulling one sock inside the other. The foot sections of the socks may still stick out. When folding laundry such as t-shirts and other casual shirts to be stored in drawers, place the top face down and fold each sleeve with part of the shirt's body section over so this is on the back of the shirt. Finally, fold the bottom edge of the shirt up to the neck and flip the shirt over so the front is showing.


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