What Should I Include on my Cashier Resume?

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Cashiers are responsible for handling transactions and returns, counting money, and providing customer service in a number of different retail settings. Many cashiers are entry-level workers with little or no prior experience, so job openings often attract a large pool of applicants. When employers look to fill full- and part-time openings, they usually select those individuals whose resumes stand out amongst dozens of others. A quality cashier resume should look attractive, be entirely free of errors and false information, and include any previous work experience, educational accomplishments, and relevant skills.

A cashier resume should present information in an attractive, easy-to-read layout, with clear headings and consistent formatting. Contact information, such as the applicant's name, phone number, address, and email address, is usually included near the top of the page. The text and language in the remainder of a good cashier resume is straightforward, and above all, factual. Most potential employers make phone calls to confirm stated information about work history and educational experience, and any discrepancies often immediately disqualify applicants.


Perhaps the most important thing to include on a cashier resume is previous work and volunteer experience. Prospective employees should include job titles, employers' names, dates of employment, and duties performed at work. An individual should try to emphasize any information regarding previous cash handling or customer service experience that will be relevant to his or her new job. He or she can research the new company to determine the expectations for cashiers, and reflect such trains in prior experience. Volunteer work, such as cashiering at local events or helping with community projects, shows potential employers that an applicant has motivation and compassion for others.

A strong record of educational accomplishments and extracurricular activities is important on a cashier resume. Individuals who have excelled in high school or college, received awards, and participated in clubs and sports generally have better chances of landing jobs than people with sparse educational achievements. Employers are more likely to hire people who can prove that their math, writing, and speaking skills are top notch.

Many of the skills necessary to succeed in a cashiering job are acquired away from work or school. Most modern retail stores employ networks and computerized cash registers, and an individual who is familiar with computers and electronic devices generally has a better chance of getting a job. A hopeful applicant can also include positive personal traits, such as being able to multitask and manage time, having strong organizational skills, and any other information that might prove beneficial in a future job.


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People who are confused about how to format their resume should consider using a cashier resume template. A template is a blank, formatted resume that you simply add your information to. Resume templates are readily available on many career web sites.

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If you lack significant experience and need to make your resume longer, consider adding a concise cashier resume objective. State that you want to obtain a position as a cashier and list a few relevant qualifications. Tailor your objective to the job that you are applying for.

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