What Should I Include on a Security Officer Resume?

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The question of what to include on a security officer resume is one that is best answered by considering the type of security job one wants. A security officer job could refer to any number of security jobs in different capacities and industries with the implication that the requirements for the security officer resume will vary accordingly. For instance, the resume for a security guard in a corporate setting will differ from the requirements of the resume for a nightclub security guard. In the same sense, the resume for a security supervisor will differ from that of an applicant seeking an entry-level security job.

In the case of the security officer resume for a corporate security guard, it will start with stating the applicant's objective of the reason why he or she is seeking a position as a security officer in that corporate setting. The next section will list the skills of that in relation to corporate settings, including skills and experience regarding the security systems in corporate buildings, such as alarms and other security features. It will also include a statement regarding the ability of such an applicant to relate with people in the corporate setting in a manner that is civil while maintaining the mien necessary to effectively perform the duties of a security officer. Another important inclusion in the security officer resume for a person in the corporate setting is the ability of such a person to follow established procedures in order to fit into the general corporate image of the organization. Such a person must also list the work experience he or she has gained as a security officer over the years, including any formal training and the names of the institutions where the trainings occurred, as well as the dates.

The security officer resume for somebody in a less corporate setting, such as a nightclub, might differ substantially from that of a person seeking employment in a corporate setting. This difference is a consequence of the environment in which he or she will be working, considering the fact that the rules in such places are different from the rules in more formal settings. As such, certain traits like a stocky build and stature will work in favor of an applicant since a menacing appearance might be a requirement as well as other features like the ability to handle rowdy customers in a firm manner. For such security officers, a formal training might not be a strict requirement as much as experience in similar positions, which must be listed under experiences in the security officer resume.

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