What Should I Include on a Computer Programming Resume?

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The most important category to highlight on a computer programming resume is technical knowledge. A section that lists current and previous experience in programming is essential. In addition, that section should indicate what programming languages and skills were acquired. If a career change into another aspect of computer programming is desired, a short objective placed at the beginning of the resume will be beneficial.

A computer programming resume needs to communicate a job applicant's technical knowledge and experience. The resume should include a list of current and prior work experience, including positions held, dates, companies and locations. Instead of just providing a brief description of job duties, a computer programming resume needs to highlight actions taken in previous positions, software programs that the applicant gained experience with, and any recognition that was received.

Besides software and programming languages that an applicant gained direct exposure to with on-the-job training and experience, a computer programming resume should highlight any languages and applications the applicant is familiar with. These could be included in a summary of skills and qualifications near the top of the resume. It is important to match up the software and languages with those that are required for each job the applicant is applying to. It may be necessary to customize or tweak a resume when applying for several different programming jobs may be necessary.


It might be helpful to include a skills section that categorizes an applicant's expertise in different programming skills. For example, a list of networking software, operating systems, databases, web applications and miscellaneous software will help showcase an applicant's diverse skill set. The resume should summarize how the programs were used.

Most programmers include a section on their computer programming resume that highlights their education. Degrees that a programmer has earned can be placed in a section following the work experience. Recent college graduates or those who have just gone back to school to obtain a secondary degree may prefer to list their educational qualifications in front of work experience. Employers for entry-level jobs may be more interested in educational qualifications than experience, but these employers will still be looking for skills that can be transferred to the programming field.

In addition to formal degrees, a listing of any certifications will be helpful. Employers may place more weight on professional certifications for certain programming languages, operating systems and network configurations. Certifications will be especially helpful for those who may have obtained a degree in an unrelated subject or who did not obtain a degree at all.


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