What Should I Include in a Travel Wardrobe?

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A travel wardrobe should be functional and easy to transport. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you should include all of the clothing you will need while away, but try to mix and match items in such a way that they can be worn more than once. A travel wardrobe should include items such as daywear, sleepwear and business wardrobe items, if applicable. Wrinkle-free clothing and loose fitting clothing should also be included in your travel wardrobe.

Whether traveling by air or by ground, you will likely be required to sit for long periods of time. In order to comfortably do so, you will need to wear clothes such as loose fitting pants and clothing made out of soft, flexible fabrics. You should also include natural fabrics in your travel wardrobe and avoid wearing polyester or nylon, which easily melts or burns in the unlikely event of a travel accident. If traveling by air, you should wear rubber soled shoes with laces and shoes that do not feature a sharp heel. In the event of an emergency evacuation, you want to wear the right type of footwear to help you escape quickly and that will not puncture an emergency evacuation slide if needed.


If you are traveling to another country, research the type of clothing worn by native citizens before you leave home. Some countries disapprove of clothing that reveals certain parts of the body, so be aware of these cultural values when selecting your travel wardrobe. It is best to include plain, conservative clothing that does not feature any slogans, images or symbols that may be considered offensive. When traveling internationally, your travel wardrobe should also be low-key and inexpensive so as not to call attention to yourself as a foreign traveler, since many tourists are targeted for crimes such as petty theft in certain parts of the world.

A small travel wardrobe is most desirable, as it means you have less luggage to transport. In order to pack as lightly as possible, include clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create more than one outfit during your visit. You should also pack clothing items made of fabrics that do not wrinkle easily, so you will not have to carry a travel iron or have to request an iron from your lodgings. Be sure to include clothing that is appropriate for the climate you will be visiting. Also, include clothing that features plenty of pocket space and that allows you to safely store items such as your identification and money.


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Post 3

I try to keep things simple so for me, travel clothes are a few pairs of shirts, a pair or two of jeans and a few t-shirts. Maybe one nice pair of pants and a simple button down but honestly, when I go on vacation I am not really looking to dress up.

I know some people who seem to take half of their wardrobe with them when they travel. To me that just sounds like a pain in the neck.

Post 2

It is a cliche, but always pack some warm clothes. You never know when it is going to get cold. There is always room in a bag for a long sleeved t-shirt. When I go on vacation I want to know that I will be comfortable and having fun. The only way to do that is to plan for all contingencies.

Post 1

One piece of advice that I never really hear but I always try to follow is to only pack clothes that you are willing to loose. Or maybe it is better to say that you should not pack your absolutely favorite clothes.

When you travel it is really easy to loose your bag or have it stolen or rifled through. I have lost a few things traveling and if it was something I truly loved the loss might have ruined the trip. If I only pack simple stuff I can easily replace I do not need to worry about it.

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