What Should I Expect from HVAC Installation?

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There are four stages to every HVAC installation project: evaluation and quotation of work, tear down, installation of equipment, and final inspection. A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installation is a major project that requires the use of expert staff, contractors, and inspectors. The four stages are the same for both residential and commercial HVAC installation projects.

HVAC is typically considered to be the lungs of any building. This system is responsible for the heating, cooling and circulation of air within the structure. A well-designed system is energy and cost efficient, operates seamlessly in the background, and provides all areas of the building with a steady stream of clean, temperature-controlled air. There is a wide range of HVAC systems installed in buildings, based on their age and the unique features of the space. However, all new HVAC installations are forced air systems.

The first stage of an HVAC installation is evaluation and quotation. This type of work is completed by firms who have trained, licensed HVAC mechanics on staff. Collect the names of three or four firms located in your area and contact them to request a quote. An estimator will schedule an appointment to visit the building, look at the schematics, and discuss what you are looking for.


It is in your best interest to prepare a sheet with all the information the contractors will require to provide a quotation. Give the same sheet to each firm and provide them with a time line for a written quotation. The purpose of collecting multiple quotes is to compare pricing, service, and equipment. Use the quotes to negotiate for the best combination of price, quality, and service.

The existing equipment will need to be broken down and removed safely. This can be done by the HVAC firm or a demolition firm. Check the pricing for this aspect of the project to ensure that you are not paying for HVAC mechanics to do simple demolition and removal work. Make sure the equipment is properly disposed of, following the regulations in your area.

The new equipment should be moved into place and installed by the HVAC mechanic team. They should inform you in advance when the delivery is expected and what preparation work is required. Some equipment comes in multiple pieces and needs to be assembled, while others are pre-assembled. The actual installation process is quite involved, messy, and noisy.

Once the installation is finished, the mechanics are responsible for testing the system to make sure it works correctly. Upon completion of their testing, a city or municipal home inspector should come and complete an independent inspection. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that your HVAC installation project complies with all the city building codes and health and safety guidelines.


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