What Should I do While Visiting Phoenix, Arizona?

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Phoenix, also known as Hoozdo, or "hot place," by the Navajo tribe, is the capital of Arizona and one of the largest cities in the US. Inhabited as far back as 700 AD, Phoenix didn't become an official community until 1867, when explorers from North Carolina decided to set up a farming system in the area. Phoenix is a semi-desert area with temperatures comparable to those present in the Saudi Arabia desert. Average summer temperatures often reach 100 °F (38 °C) in Phoenix, with up to 310 days of sunshine a year.

Phoenix is famous for its destination spas, many of which are luxurious and attract stars and millionaires from around the world. Besides the typical spa treatments, many spa destinations in Phoenix cater to those who want to get away from it all and combine a relaxing vacation with a chance to do some hiking or nature viewing.

Phoenix also boasts some of the most impressive nature in the US. Those who want to experience the wonders of the Sonora Desert can take a jeep tour of the numerous canyons in the area. For those who want a bigger feeling of adventure, it is possible to combine jeep tours with white water trips, thus enjoying both the land and the water that make Phoenix so famous. Horseback riding is a great alternative for those who want to experience the wilder side of Phoenix, as many companies organize tours that retrace the steps of early explorers.


Water recreation is extremely popular in Arizona, and especially in the Phoenix area. Besides the seven large lakes within driving distance of the city, numerous whitewater rivers cut through the area. Kayaking, rafting, and swimming are all popular, and attract many sport enthusiasts every year. Many companies combine several activities into multi-day trips.

Those who want a wider view of Phoenix can hop into one of the many hot-air balloon rides offered near the canyons. Balloon rides are especially popular in the evenings, as the sunset colors reflecting on the desert rocks create a spectacle not to be missed.


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Post 4

I don't remember much about the city of Phoenix itself, but remember the drive up to the Grand Canyon from there. There are a lot of cool canyons around this area. I spent the money for a hot air balloon ride and I was simply amazed at the beautiful scenery all around me.

Post 3

I have only been to Phoenix twice, but both times I was impressed with the city. I think it is a clean city that is also beautifully landscaped. Before visiting here, I didn't realize that desert flowers could be so beautiful. I guess I didn't think there would be much vegetation at all, but I was wrong.

I visited a huge nursery where they had a lot of desert plants to choose from. I realized that I really like the Southwestern look and feel. If I hadn't been traveling home on a plane, I would have loved to have brought some of the cactus arrangements home with me.

We took a drive outside the city and I was surprised at all the different kinds of cactus plants there were. I thought a cactus was like every other one, but there are a lot more shapes, sizes and kinds than I ever realized.

Post 2

If you are going to be doing any outdoor activities in Phoenix in the middle of summer, be sure and take plenty of water with you. Even though Phoenix is a big city, it is still considered the desert, and it gets very hot and dry.

When we were visiting friends we took a jeep tour around to some of the canyons. This was a great trip and gave us a chance to see what some of the back country looks like.

Post 1

My sister lives in Phoenix and there is a place called Lookout Mountain that is just a few blocks from her house. In fact we can walk there and hike up the mountain and back in an afternoon.

Who would have thought there would be something like this right in the middle of a big city. There are trails leading up to the top for those who prefer an easier climb. For those who are more adventurous, you don't have to follow their specific trails.

Every time I visit my sister, we make a trip to the top of this mountain. Since the weather there never gets very cold, it doesn't matter what time of year I am visiting. She takes advantage of this not only when I come to visit, but all year long.

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