What Should I do on my Vacation to Oregon?

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Some people are saying that Oregon is the new California. Although Oregon does not have the glamor of cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, it does have the pristine land and many of the same attractions as its sister to the south. Furthermore, Oregon hasn’t been tainted by the glitz of Hollywood and is without the tourist traps of other Californian big cities. Rather, Oregon is adorned with gems such as crystal clear rapids, thick forests, and beautiful cranberry bogs.

If you book a ride with Vista Balloon Adventures in Sherwood, Oregon, you are in for a real treat. The hot air balloons are ten stories high and. At the peak of the ride, it is possible to see the Mount Hood, Mount Saint Helens, and Mount Jefferson. What better way to visit a new state than to see it from this sky. This kind of tourism is part of the growing “flightseeing” trend.

One of the major reasons that Oregon is becoming a rival to California has to do with the fact that the state’s wineries are beginning to get some recognition. In fact, some travelers believe that the Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley regions are beginning to become overrun with tourists. Some even say that the areas are becoming a bit snobbish. Neither of these complaints apply to the wine regions in Oregon.


There are now more than 130 wineries in the state of Oregon. Furthermore, many of the restaurants in the wine regions offer simply scrumptious fare. If you love great wine and great food, do a little research on the wine regions in Oregon, pick your favorite, and book a few nights at a nearby bed and breakfast.

If you plan on visiting a number of wineries, be sure to have a designated driver or hire a guide or car service to transport you from place to place. Oregon is a wonderful place to sample dozens of great vintages; but be sure to be safe while you are doing it. Grape Escape Winery Tours and Eco Tours of Oregon both offer great winery tours.


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