What Should I do on my Vacation to Montana?

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If you are interested in outdoor activities and winter sports, then you are sure to have a great time on your vacation in Montana. Of course, you will have to boot up for skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, or winter hiking.

One of the best places in the state to prepare for your outdoor adventures is Timber Trails. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities. Be sure to ask the owners of Timber Trails for advice on which beautiful trails to take. With some good advice from the proprietors and the right equipment, you are sure to have a wonderful time in the Montana wilderness.

Perhaps you are interested in a mix of sporting and relaxation. If so, you may want to look into a stay at the Chico Hot Springs Resort in Pray, Montana. In addition to relaxing in the on-site natural hot springs, you can also take advantage of the dogsledding tours offered in Pray. Absaroka Dogsled Treks is a company that offers trips through wintry Montana country side with your very own pack of dogs to pull your sled.


Montana winters are even fun for people who love summer sports. The cowboys of Montana have developed a fascinating sport called “skijoring.” The B-Bar Ranch in Paradise Valley is known for offering skijoring to its guests. Here are the basics of skijoring: A water-skiing rope is tied to a saddled horse. Then the skijoring participant, donning winter gear and skis, grabs onto the rope and yells” Giddyup!” The goal is to hang on as long as possible before wiping out, just like in water skiing.

Of course, winter is not the only season for visiting Montana. There are loads of fun outdoor activities for the summer months as well. If you enjoy hiking, you are sure to love Montana trails. Also, there is plenty to do in Montana indoors. There are a number of excellent restaurants and places of interest for shoppers. One of the best towns for dining and entertainment is Livingston.

Montana is one of the three states that provide land for Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is a fantastic travel destination for anyone who revels in nature and rambling through beautiful landscapes. In fact, one of the main entrances to the park, the West Entrance, is in Montana, as are a few of the park’s campgrounds. Many people stop in Livingston, Montana to enjoy some urban fun before heading off into the wilderness of Yellowstone.


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We also have beautiful Glacier National Park. Another major attraction that is between Yellowstone and Glacier Parks is the National Bison Range located in Moise Montana. If you are here in the summer all of the Native American reservations have their local pow wows through out the summer.

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Enjoy the wide open spaces!!! Montana is the fourth largest state in the union, but since its statehood it has been the one of the 8 least populated states in the union! Enjoy it before you go back to your crowded city life!

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