What Should I do if my Child Gets a Bloody Nose?

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If your child gets a bloody nose, you should be able to care for the problem at home. Experts are divided in the best methods for treating a bloody nose. There are, however, a few steps to take that most experts agree on.

The first step in treating your child’s bloody nose is to pinch the soft portion of the nose together using your thumb and index finger. Some experts believe it is best to pinch the bridge of the nose instead. To treat a child’s bloody nose, it is sometimes more comfortable to pinch the bridge of the nose. If the nose is broken, on the other hand, it may be best to pinch the soft portion of the bloody nose.

Since experts are divided on the best location for pinching, you should find the area that is most comfortable for you and for your child. In addition, monitor the bloody nose to see which method is most effective for your child’s unique situation. If you pinched the soft portion of your child’s bloody nose, you should then press firmly against the bones in your child’s face. If you chose to pinch the bridge of the nose, you should still push firmly, but not against the bones. Rather, hold the skin against the cartilage that makes the nose bridge.


After applying pressure, hold the bloody nose for a minimum of five minutes. If the nose is still bleeding after five minutes, repeat the process until the bleeding stops. During this entire process, your child should be resting quietly with his or her head in a position that is level with the heart or higher. This can be accomplished either by sitting or by lying down with an elevated head. Your child should never lie flat with a bloody nose or place his or her head between his or her legs.

After the bleeding has stopped, place crushed ice in a washcloth or plastic bag and apply it to your child’s nose and cheeks. This will help reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain.


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Post 3

I am sure there is nothing actually wrong with tilting your head back, however I would avoid it if possible. it really doesn't help with anything but the mess, but it is at a cost. if there is enough blood, it may cause an upset stomach and possibly cause you to throw up.

Post 2

If you lean back all the blood goes to your stomach and you could end up puking all the blood. Or you could drown in it if it gets in your lungs.

Post 1

No no no, what you do is pinch your soft part of the nose, hold your head back (you will maybe taste blood) and hold it there for 1-3 minutes. If you still have a bloody nose do it once again. If you still have it after that, consult your doctor if you find it won't stop or if other serious things happen.

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