What Should I do if I Have a Recalled Hip Replacement?

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If you have had hip replacement surgery and have a recalled hip replacement, there is no need to panic. There is a good chance that unless you experience complications and pain, your hip replacement may not need to be done again. If you are experiencing pain or complications from your hip replacement and you do have a recalled hip replacement, you should speak to your doctor immediately.

Most recalled hip replacements do not need to be replaced. As long as they are working properly, a doctor would not recommend replacing them even if they are recalled. If the hip replacement is not causing any issues, going through another surgery presents more of a risk than living with the hip replacement. Almost all hip replacements will wear out with enough use, but there often is no need for an immediate hip replacement surgery if your hip replacement has been recalled.

If you experience hip pain or complications, it is important that you consult your physician. Hip replacements normally wear with use, and replacement is common. It is not likely that a recalled hip replacement will put you in immediate danger, but it may certainly become painful if not taken care of properly.


Just because you have a recalled hip replacement does not necessarily mean that your hip replacement is going to fail or that you are in danger. Hip replacements may be recalled because they have an earlier than expected failure rate. All hip replacements will wear out with enough use; that means that you are likely to need corrective surgery on your hip replacement at some point, although it is possible that you could have a recalled hip replacement and never have an issue with it. Hip replacements are tested before being put into patients, and most recalled ones will still function normally.

In the event that you have a recalled hip replacement, you may want to contact a lawyer. He or she may be able to put you into a class action lawsuit that could give you compensation for a defective hip replacement. If your hip replacement has been recalled and has also failed, it is even more important that you contact a lawyer, because you may be able to file a lawsuit and win a settlement in your favor.


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