What Should I Consider When Purchasing Travel Insurance?

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Often referred to as trip insurance, travel insurance provides additional protection for persons who frequently travel for business of pleasure. The insurance usually provides coverage that is above and beyond the protection provided by other forms of insurance. Travel insurance packages can address just about any aspect of traveling, from providing compensation for hotel booking issues to covering unexpected health problems when outside the jurisdiction of a traditional health plan.

Travel insurance is an excellent tool when it comes to handling unexpected delays that result in extra financial expenses. For example, flight insurance can provide compensation when a flight is delayed and it is necessary to find a hotel room for the night. This form of travel insurance can also help cover the costs of replacing essential items when luggage is lost or delayed. There is also clauses in some travel insurance packages that provide coverage for errors in flight arrangements, providing the errors were not the fault of the traveler.


Travel insurance can also provide similar coverage for cruises as well. The cruise insurance component of travel insurance can come into play when the cruise is delayed and hotel reservations have to be changed, or the cruise is cut short and some means of arranging a trip home come up at the last minute. In the event of the need for emergency medical care, many travel insurance contracts will provide coverage for airlifting the patient to a medical facility. In addition, the insurance often covers the costs of medical procedures in the event that the traditional health insurance is not recognized in the local jurisdiction.

There are a number of other situations that may be covered by travel insurance. Emergency legal assistance is a common component of travel insurance, along with transportation in the event that the traveler needs to return home due to a severe illness, death, or other emergency related to close relatives. However, there are some exceptions to what travel insurance will cover. Preexisting medical conditions are often excluded, as well as any injuries that are incurred as a result of alcohol or drug abuse. For additional premiums, some travel insurance packages will cover participation in high-risk sports, or travel to a country that is currently considered to be a high risk.


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