What Should I Consider When Planning an Alice in Wonderland Party?

K T Solis

Since the book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was first published in the 19th century, it has delighted readers with its curious main character Alice and the host of strange creatures she meets within the pages of the story. Bring a bit of the book to life by throwing an Alice in Wonderland party for a child. The games and activities are simple to do and allow kids to become a part of the adventure.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland may make a good party theme.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland may make a good party theme.

It's possible to organize a variety of games and activities that will get kids excited about the story and maybe make them want to read the original book someday. First, plan the invitations for the Alice in Wonderland party. Invitations can be made to look like playing cards. Readers of the book will remember that playing cards serve as the Queen of Hearts' soldiers.

Tennis balls can be used as croquet balls.
Tennis balls can be used as croquet balls.

The invitations can be made from white card stock cut into the shape of a rectangle the size of an adult's hand. Artistic parents can design a playing card on each invitation. In the middle of the card, write important party details. Remember to include the date, time, and location of the Alice in Wonderlandparty. If desired, request that guests dress up as their favorite Alice in Wonderland characters.

After the invitations are created, begin to plan the party games and activities. One fun idea is to plan a croquet game for the Alice in Wonderland party. Go to the store and find a handful of pink tube socks. If it's difficult to find long socks in that color, use some plain white tube socks and dye them pink. Stuff the socks with newspaper and tie them so the newspaper remains inside.

To make wickets, stick pipe cleaners or wire inside large Styrofoamâ„¢ cubes. Tennis balls can serve as the croquet balls. Children can whack the balls through the wickets using the pink "flamingo" mallets.

Another potential Alice in Wonderland party activity is to plan a relay race outside. Go to the local discount store and purchase several bunches of fake roses. Buy both white and red ones. Make sure to purchase two wicker baskets as well. Then take the flowers home and separate the flowers from each other.

On the day of the party, form the guests into two equal, vertical lines and hand each one a red rose. Place a wicket basket several feet ahead of each line. Fill the wicker baskets with white roses. A member of each team must race toward the basket in order to exchange her red rose for a white one. The team who switches its flowers first wins the game.

Kids love to make crafts at parties, so consider having a craft station at the Alice in Wonderland party. Gather a variety of craft materials so party guests can design their own Mad Hatter hat. They can use construction paper, felt, craft foam, buttons, feathers, and any other items to fashion their own one-of-a-kind creation. If desired, the adults can give a prize to the person who creates the zaniest hat.

Another potential game can be The Queen of Hearts Says, a game identical to Simon Says. One child is chosen to be the Queen or King. The Queen tells the subjects what to do, and they must perform the action. Of course, each command must begin with "The Queen of Hearts says." Anyone who follows the directions without waiting for the important phrase is out of the game.

After the entertainment, guests can sit down to a tea party. Instead of tea, serve children cups of lemonade. They can eat tiny sandwiches, cookies, and other simple fare. The cake can be a shaped like a heart in honor of the Queen of Hearts character. To end the party, let the kids watch one of the many versions of Alice in Wonderland on DVD.

A basket made using the wicker process.
A basket made using the wicker process.

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I'm going to use these great ideas to shape my young niece's birthday party next month. She's wanted an Alice in Wonderland tea party since she read the book, so I know it's going to be a memorable day.

I'm planning on making some giant keyholes and rigging up a massively oversized chair to add to the decor.


@anon82050 - Sure, an Alice costume would be a lot of fun. I don't think you have to rule out an Alice in Wonderland party theme altogether though. Most adults love to dress up, so if the games and activities were adapted it would work.

The biggest issue I've ever come across with costume parties is finding the outfits. If you decide to go ahead you may want to check out local or online resources that stock them, and include that information in the invites.


What I would give to go to a party like that, but i think I'm too old. Perhaps an Alice Halloween costume would be a good investment instead?

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