What Should I Consider When Planning a Fairytale Party?

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Children love thrilling tales of princesses, knights in shining armor, fire-breathing dragons, and fairy godmothers. Plan a fairytale party for a child, and she can enjoy a variety of fun games and activities with her friends. Most of the materials used for a fairytale party are inexpensive and easy to find around the house.

First, plan an invitation for the child's fairytale party. Some people may choose to make an invitation that looks like a royal decree. Others may choose to create an invitation shaped like a castle or a storybook. It's important that the invitation provides important party details such as the party's date, location, and theme. Ask party guests to dress up as fairytale characters to add some more fun to the festivities.

Once the invitation is designed, plan activities and games for the fairytale party. One simple craft that kids will enjoy is making a royal crown. Crowns can be made from either construction paper or card stock. The party can have a crown-making station where party guests can use a variety of fake gems, craft foam, buttons, feathers, and other items to decorate their own royal headgear.


Another interesting craft to include in the fairytale party is a magical wand. Visit a local hardware store and purchase enough dowel rods to hand out to each child at the party. Cut some stars from cardboard or poster board as well. Then provide the guests with glitter, ribbons, and aluminum foil. Children can cover the star with the foil to make it sparkle before they glue it to the dowel rod. Next, the party guests decorate the wands with ribbons and glitter.

Some children might enjoy playing a game called Hunt for Cinderella's Slipper. In this game, an adult hides a fancy shoe in the room so party guests can find it. Many stores sell clear, high-heeled shoes that look like Cinderella's famous footwear. Purchase a pair and hide one in the house. The child who finds the hidden slipper wins a small prize, but everyone at the party gets to have fun trying it on.

Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Dragon is a traditional game with a fairytale twist. Draw and laminate a picture of a dragon on poster board, but don't draw its tail. Make a separate picture of a tail, laminate it, and cut it out as well. Put the poster on the wall, blindfold a child, and hand her the tail with a piece of masking tape stuck on it. Ask the child to try to attach the tail to the dragon picture.

When it's time to eat at the fairytale party, provide the guests with simple sandwiches and pink lemonade. Parents can set the table with a royal blue table cloth so the guests can dine like kings and queens. The cake can be fashioned in the shape of a storybook or a castle. Provide ready-made gingerbread men so kids can decorate them with tubes of frosting.


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