What Should I Consider When Hiring a Landscaper for my Yard?

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Landscaping plays a significant role in the overall appearance of a home. Choosing a landscaper to fulfill your landscaping requirements depends largely on what you hope to achieve. There are a variety of professional landscapers, all with different qualifications and capabilities and choosing one is much like choosing a contractor for any other project. You should be prepared to meet with and discuss your plans with three or more different companies before you reach a decision.

If your landscaping needs are simple, such as repairing a damaged lawn, mulching, trimming trees and bushes, and maybe adding a few plants or shrubs, you should request detailed plans and estimates from any landscaper you might be considering. Make sure you hire a landscaper who is both licensed and bonded and be sure to ask about any chemicals or pesticides they may be using in the process. You might also want to see if the same landscaper offers yard maintenance once the landscaping is complete.

Conversely, if your landscaping needs are vast or complicated and you are looking to completely redesign your landscape, you will find yourself in need of a quality landscaper, preferably a landscape architect. Large landscaping projects, like building projects, require design prints, plans, and project coordination. A quality landscape architect will provide you with plans based on a personal consultation and evaluation of your yard along with a cost estimate and time frame for completion.

Large landscaping projects require the attention of someone who is trained to develop designs that work with certain style homes and what plantings work best with the location of your house and yard. In addition, a professional landscaper should take into account the type of maintenance you require for your lifestyle. In other words, if you want a great-looking yard with low maintenance, your landscape contractor should not be working high-maintenance plants into your design.

Landscaping projects are common with new home construction and typically, landscaping is not part of the builder’s contract. Many new home construction companies can however refer customers to landscapers they have used. Even if you are embarking on a landscaping project for an existing home, consider calling area home builders for referrals to professional landscapers in your area.

For large projects, you can expect your landscaper to present you with several choices in materials from mulch to construction material for retaining walls, walkways, and patios. If you want to incorporate other features into your landscape design such as decks, patios, fire pits, playground equipment, and so on, be sure your landscaper is prepared to help you work with other contractors if necessary.

In the end, the landscaper you hire should be able to take the guesswork out of your landscaping project no matter how big or small the overall project. Choose your landscaper wisely and you will reap a big return from your investment.

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I would suggest viewing their own property. If it isn't well maintained or is lacking in professional design, keep on looking.

We found there are many landscapers that merely mow grass, trim shrubs, and dig holes and stuff a seasonal plant and had to interview many to find a true landscape architect and designer. This is especially important for projects requiring grading, retaining walls, and hardscaping.

Be sure that they are properly licensed and registered with the state and require that their insurance company directly send you a certificate of insurance naming you as additional insured.

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