What Should I Consider When Choosing a Tree Service Specialist?

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Tree service specialists are people who professionally care for trees. The need for tree service surfaces for those who have numerous trees on their property or when dead or dying trees becomes a hazard. Selecting a tree service specialist is as easy as a scan through the phone book, if you know what to look for in a tree service company.

Not all tree service companies are the same. Make sure you hire a company that will be able to professionally handle your specific tree care needs. If you are simply contacting a company to remove a dead or unsightly tree, you must make sure that they are bonded and insured and that they will remove every last piece of debris left over from the tree. Removal should be safe and efficient, but does not necessarily require the same knowledge as caring for live trees.

When selecting a tree service company to care for live trees, including removal of dead limbs, selective pruning and topping, hire a licensed contractor who is also an arborist. An arborist has specific knowledge of the care of different types of trees. If you hire a company or individual who does not have this knowledge, he or she could inadvertently butcher your trees, causing them to grow unshapely or even to become diseased or die.


A quality tree service company will not only be licensed and bonded and employ arborists, but they will also offer free estimates with quotes. Before hiring a contractor to perform work, it’s best to attain at least two, if not three, estimates from reputable companies. Comparing the estimated cost with the work to be performed will help you choose the right company. Having three estimates lets you know who's on target with price and will make you feel more comfortable about what you’re paying for. Be sure that complete clean up and removal is included in the estimate’s work to be performed.

A reputable tree service company will also discuss your overall landscape goals. They will be able to point out which trees may be hindering the growth of other plants or grasses and what each tree needs to grow more uniformly and shapely. They should also also be able to identify diseases and advise how to treat them. Once you find a tree service you are pleased with, be sure to ask if they have emergency service as well. Most people don’t need complete tree service every year, but you may need quick service if a storm comes through and damages your trees or property.


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Thanks for all the great advice. I need tree service and this is really great to know! Our tree split so we're being forced to just pull it up.

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