What Should I Consider When Buying Trash Bags?

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What kind of trash bags you buy largely depends upon what your needs are for waste disposal. The cheapest bags, those made under generic labels, can be just as good as those made by some of the brand name companies. You may be paying more for a brand name and for a few extra features. For example you can buy drawstring bags, trash bags with handles, scented trash bags, or a variety of others.

From a green standpoint, consumers should think about buying trash bags that are recyclable and look very much like standard plastic ones. These are usually made from corn, come in varied sizes, and compost in as little as 30-60 days. If you’re using bags for composting material or yard waste, these are definitely valuable choices because you can remove waste to the bag, but not worry that the bag will interfere with composting. The more environmentally safe choices tend to be more expensive. The greater expense might be reduced if more people start buying trash bags of this type, creating more demand, instead of sticking to the cheaper plastic bags that will not break down.


Regardless of material, you should always consider buying trash bags that best fit your requirements. For instance if you’re looking for trashcan liners, consider the dimensions of your trashcan and choose the bag that most closely fits it. Buying trash bags or can liners that are too small is always a problem. You’ll end up getting your garbage can dirty or not be able to use your can to full capacity. If you end up buying trash bags that are larger, you’ll waste a great deal of plastic.

Also evaluate what kind of needs your trash bag must fulfill. If you plan to throw out heavy items, you don’t want to the bag to puncture easily. Buy trash bags that are marked hefty or extra strong so that when you pick up your trash, you don’t end up with a hole at the bottom of the bag and your trash on the ground. For lighter items, such as paper towels from the kitchen, you generally won’t need hefty styles.

If you hate touching garbage, then you should look into buying trash bags with handles or even better, drawstring closures. These allow you to carry the trash, as long as it isn’t overfull, without touching it. They will cost a bit more than plain trash bags but they may be worth it. Remember that you can save money in most cases by buying trash bags in bulk, especially from warehouse stores like Costco®. You can often get several hundred bags at a time, reducing the number of times you’ll need to shop for them. Keep in mind that you should probably buy a smaller amount of the bags at first to be certain they meet your needs, instead of getting stuck with several hundred that aren’t as helpful as you’d hoped.


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Trash bags are one of those necessary evils! Remember, the less trash you produce, the fewer trash bags you'll need! I also like to re-use my grocery bags for small trash can liners, or to wrap dirty diapers up. You can also take in extras in to some stores like Wal-mart to recycle them.

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