What Should I Consider When Buying Closet Doors?

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There are many considerations to make when buying closet doors. Budget is a primary concern and it may make sense to spend more on doors for a closet you use often or one that has a prominent location in your home. Then, you can buy more inexpensive closet doors for out-of-the-way closets or those you seldom use. You should consider what style of doors will best suit your home and which kind you prefer opening and closing.

Closet doors are available in sliding or bi-fold types as well as the ordinary type of single panel interior door. Sliding doors for closets usually feature two panels that each fit in a metal track along the top and bottom of the closet and move in either direction. Bi-fold doors are two long panels joined by a hinge that runs lengthwise. When you pull the door handle the bi-fold door opens on the hinge with the two panels touching to allow you to access the closet.


Mirrored closet doors are available in sliding or bi-fold types. They are popular as the mirrors may make a living space appear larger. Before considering a mirrored closet look, be sure to figure out what the mirrors would be reflecting. If the mirrors reflect a mirror on another wall, this will give the look of a large airy space. If the mirrored closet doors will only highlight something unattractive or plain such as an ordinary bathroom door, it's probably best to choose another style of door for your closet.

If you do decide on the mirrored type of closet doors, in addition to choosing between bi-fold or sliding options, you'll also need to consider the frame and the tint. A framed mirrored closet door has a metal edge around the mirror panel which may add style if you have other metal accents in the room. Keep in mind that the thicker metal frames may break up the clear "floating" look that unframed mirrors tend to have. Mirrored closet doors are sold in clear, bronze or gray tint, so select the best color to suit your decor.

Another consideration when choosing closet door is the amount of work you’ll be expecting to do. Mirrored doors tend to show fingerprints, while louvered or slatted bi-fold closet doors tend to collect dust easily. If you want to co-ordinate a closet door color with the rest of your decor, consider purchasing unfinished doors and staining them or painting them yourself. Remember that when measuring your closet for any kind of doors, the finished opening size with the door tracks and fittings included is the measurement that most closet door manufacturers use.


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