What Should I Consider When Buying Boots?

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Boots are an essential part of fall and winter wardrobes for many women. With a rainbow of colors and a wide variety of styles available, buying boots can seem a somewhat daunting task, even for the fashion fan. When looking to purchase a new pair of boots, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. These include their function, heel height, and style.

One important consideration is the function of the boots you are buying. Boots, while stylish, should be easy to wear. Consider your fall and winter climate; if you live in an area prone to lots of snow and rain, consider flat boots. While heeled styles are cute and slimming, they leave you vulnerable to taking an unstylish tumble on slippery or wet surfaces. Flat boots give you a better grip on the ground.

Additionally, for those in chilly climates, consider buying boots that are both warm and stylish. Fleece-lined boots in real or synthetic suede are a perennial favorite, and the wide selection of brands and styles will help keep your feet warm, your look fashionable, and your wallet comfortably full. These boots look great tucked over jeans, paired with leggings, or even with a short skirt and tights.


One of the first things to think about when buying boots is the height of the heel. Heeled boots can be a great figure-flatterer for women who wish to look taller. Pairing a high-heeled boot with a pair of boot-cut or flared, dark trousers will lengthen your entire silhouette giving you a long and lean appearance. If you plan to wear your new boots with skirts, consider styles that stop just below the knee. Shorter styles can make calves look heavier and shorter.

Slouch-style boots are a popular version, often worn over skinny jeans, leggings or tights. Buying a pair of slouch boots is a real wardrobe investment, as they also pair well with flowing dresses or long tunics and leggings. Slouch boots are available in many lengths and heights, so look for a pair that looks and feels comfortable to you. Don't be surprised if a pair of slouch boots becomes your new wardrobe favorite, as they go well with many styles and easily bridge the gap between casual and dressy.

When buying boots, consider the dominant colors of your wardrobe as well as the standard necessary basics. It is extremely useful to have one pair of dressy black or brown boots, as a winter alternative to high heels. If your style tends toward classic elegance or romantic styles, consider a lace-up pair in dark green, wine or cognac to complement your personal taste. Some women consider a cozy fleece-lined pair in white or light-brown an essential for chilly days, as well.

Buying boots should be a fun and painless experience, whether you are purchasing a trendy pair for the season or a classic style that will last several years. In addition to keeping you warmer during chilly months, boots elevate your style beyond the everyday and into the fashion-conscious. Be sure to pack extra confidence the first time you wear your new boots and you may be surprised how many compliments you get!


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Post 4

@sapphire12, It is always so much more complicated to buy women's boots than men's. Like you, I typically spend a lot less on fashion shoes than on more serious footwear, and even when you limit how much to spend on an item, there are just so many different styles of material, shape, height, et cetera to choose from. I find it especially difficult if I am trying to find anything at all that will work both this season and on into future clothing seasons; so much of fashion these days seems to be more momentary and faddish than timeless and classic.

Post 3

Honestly, when I buy boots, I often consider price before anything else; this is not because I don't want to pay for quality, but more because in my experience, more expensive boots are not always any better quality than cheap boots. When I try buying hiking boots, or other athletic shoes, I pay more attention to quality, but not for fashion boots.

Post 2

Another thing to consider when buying boots is whether you want to try them on in person or buy them on the internet. If you want to know where to buy boots online, many stores such as Amazon or Ebay have a large selection of brands at discounted prices. Many brick and mortar stores also have websites where you can buy a large selection of their merchandise.

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