What Should I Consider When Buying an Ice Crusher?

Shannon Kietzman

An ice crusher is an important tool for use in a home bar, and particularly appropriate and convenient when it comes to entertaining guests. Devices that crush ice are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They range from manual to automatic and can be designed with a retro look or a modern 21st century look.

Ice cubes are placed in an ice crusher.
Ice cubes are placed in an ice crusher.

When using an ice crusher, a person must place standard ice cubes inside the gadget. Chipped ice, which can be used for a variety of purposes, is then released. Most devices are sold with an ice scoop and a special container for retrieving the chipped ice. Some also have suction cups to hold them in place on the counter top.

An ice crusher is essential for creating martinis.
An ice crusher is essential for creating martinis.

Some people, such as those who own or operate a bar, purchase an ice crusher for professional reasons. Others purchase one because they entertain often in the home. The device is often used to crush ice into mounds in order to be shaken into cocktails and other drinks, such as martinis. Crushed ice in a non-alcoholic drink can also be a refreshing treat. Commercially, it can be used to make an ice bed in order to chill fruits and salads, such as those commonly found in restaurant salad bars or catered food displays.

Before choosing a crushing device, it is important for consumers to consider how much ice they will need at any given time and how often they will need it. Some crushers can produce up to a quart (about 1 liter) of ice in just two minutes, or up to 50 pounds (about 22.68 kilograms) of ice in one hour. Most home users don't require such a large output, however.

An electric ice crusher is the type most commonly found in homes. This type is fully automatic and can chip ice into uniform shapes and sizes. There are also those available that double as cocktail shakers and, therefore, are capable of making ice so tiny that it looks like splinters.

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Be warned: the upright, £10 plastic/£35 metal types of crusher have a habit of breaking off the "fingers" which act as guides which the blades pass through. Is there a home/domestic crusher which is all metal in construction of the unit above the collecting tray?


I need a recommendation regarding an ice crusher that will allow me to do a starbucks frappuccino.

Does anyone know the recipe and procedure?

thanks in advance,



An important consideration in looking at ice crushers is the ice they produce. Some drink want uniform sizes, some do not. For instance, a good Margarita wants ice that is of various sizes, so the smaller bits cool the drink down quickly, but the larger ones keep it cool longer.

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