What Should I Consider When Buying an Electric Grill?

Deborah Ng

An electric grill is perfect for the cook who enjoys grilled food but doesn't want to go outside and fire up the gas or charcoal grill during inclement weather. While an electric grill doesn't always allow for you to have that charcoal or hickory smoked flavor you enjoy so much on your barbecued ribs, it's a convenient alternative to the frying pan or oven broiler. You can't go wrong with an electric grill in your kitchen; just be sure to choose the one that works best for your needs.

A free-standing electric barbecue grill can be useful for outdoor parties.
A free-standing electric barbecue grill can be useful for outdoor parties.

Before you purchase an electric grill, ask yourself if you have room for one more appliance. If so, where will it be kept? Will one of your cabinets have enough room to store the grill when not in use, or will you have to lug it out from a hall closet every time you want to cook with it? You'll also want to consider how much available counter space you have. Will you be able to spare the space when it's time to bring out the electric grill for cooking? Take careful measurements and bring them with you when shopping for your electric grill.

An electric grill is safer to cook meat because it doesn't leave a residue the way charcoal does.
An electric grill is safer to cook meat because it doesn't leave a residue the way charcoal does.

It's important to choose an electric grill that cleans up easily. A non-stick surface is very important. You don't want to spend hours scrubbing chicken fat out of all the grill's nooks and crannies. Drip pans for the fat are another important factor. Knowing where the grease goes while cooking can mean the difference between a clean countertop and a messy cleanup.

The outside casing of the grill should wipe clean easily as well. The purpose of an electric grill is convenience. Choosing an electric grill that's difficult to clean only ensures it a spot in the appliance graveyard on the top shelf of your pantry.

Read some product reviews before shopping to see which electric grill has received the best rating. Make sure to read expert reviews based on consumer testing as well as customer testimonials. Know what the most important elements are for your needs. For instance, do you need all the bells and whistles, or is it enough that the grill is compact, cooks evenly and cleans up in no time?

An electric grill is perfect for an apartment dweller or for someone who enjoys grilled food, but doesn't want to deal with propane tanks or charcoal briquettes. If you're looking for an electric grill, it wouldn't hurt to research a few first. The perfect electric grill is sure to get a lot of use; the wrong grill becomes clutter.

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I have a portable electric grill that I take to tailgate patties sometimes. You can plug it in to the socket in the car and cook up a couple of burgers or dogs.

I like to do it this way because the electric grill is a lot easier to cart around than a charcoal grill. Plus I do not have to deal with charcoal, lighter fluid, or storing a hot grill.


I had an electric grill for a while but I just didn't like the way the food tasted. When I cooked burgers it was like they had been cooked in a frying pan rather than on a grill. They did not have that smoky grill flavor. I had mine for about 6 months before I sold it on Craigslist.


This comes standard with most electric grills these days but always make sure that the grill you are buying is coated in a non stick surface. This will make it easier to both cook and clean.

Also, be sure to care for the non stick surface properly. Never use metal utensils to manipulate things on the grill. The metal can easily chip the non stick surface and your food will begin to stick. Always use plastic or silicone utensils.

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