What Should I Consider When Buying a Titanium Watch?

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There are many things to consider before you buy a titanium watch. A titanium watch is a strong and durable type of watch to own. It is offered with a wide variety of functions, styles and options. Titanium is even hypoallergenic, which means it is appropriate for people with any skin type, even sensitive skin.

The first thing that many people consider before purchasing a watch is whether they want a man’s or a woman’s watch. After all, some women prefer a larger piece and some men may prefer a smaller watch. It depends completely on personal preference, and the look that is desired.

It is also essential to choose a brand when you are looking to buy this type of watch. The brand that you choose will likely determine a price range as well. For example, one of the most popular brands in the world for a high quality titanium watch is Citizen.

After you choose a brand, it is important to make sure that you have made the correct choice. To do this, you need to check the quality of the brand’s products. Ask about the grade of titanium that is used to construct their watches. It should be at least 99% pure. Also inquire about the finishes that they have available. Some of the most popular titanium finishes are matte, textured, satin and polished.


You should also ask about different brands, store and manufacturer policies before you buy a titanium watch. Collect all applicable warranty information and sizing information and options. Also, be sure to find out about the return policy. These are important pieces of information that will ensure you can take optimal care of your watch.

Finally, it is important to look at the watch itself before you buy a titanium watch. Every watch is different, and certain options and preferences can be custom ordered. For example, you may do a lot of underwater diving and need a diving watch. Diving watches have a depth meter that allows the wearer to see how deep they are in the water. Other popular options include a calendar, stopwatch and an alarm. Finding the perfect titanium watch means finding the right look and the best options. Rest assured, your ideal watch will be visually appealing, lightweight, comfortable and scratch-resistant.


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Post 4

It is definitely the right question when you say ask for the grade of Ti used. If it is below grade 5 it is prone to scratches.So do not go for pure grade Ti cases. The are softer than Alloyed Ti. Grades 1-4 are pure grades. Grade 5 and above are alloyed. Grade 5 offers better scratch resistance than stainless steel 316/316L.

On a scientific note,look at what grade of SS the watch company is using and compare the Ti grade hardness to it. If the hardness is higher then go with Ti. If you are using your watch in a marine environment blindly go with Ti irrespective of grades. --Profession: Materials Engineer

Post 3

After seeing some titanium watches in a fashion catalog I decided that I really loved the look of them. I ended up heading into the store to buy one for myself and was surprised at the huge variety of titanium watches they had on sale.

I really think that titanium watches look best in a matte finish with some extra detailing. The titanium watch I decided on came with some beautiful beveled details and was stylish enough to work as both a casual piece and as a more fashion forward item. I really love how flexible titanium watches can be when it comes to fitting into your wardrobe.

Post 2

Titanium watches are pretty pricey in general so you should really consider what price range you feel comfortable with before heading out to shop. The diving watches, for example, are super expensive and can cost upwards of a a few thousand dollars if you want something that a professional would use. For the more casual user, budgeting around $500 isn't unrealistic for a good diving watch.

For myself, I found a gorgeous titanium diving watch on sale for half off which was a steal. I found that you can usually get titanium diving watches on sale just after Christmas and in spring. I made a habit of scoping out the prices before I finally bought my watch.

Post 1

Is titanium dioxide used in PET Bottles as a coloring agent? If it so, how much does it affect humans?

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