What Should I Consider When Buying a Sun Visor?

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A sun visor will shade and protect your eyes from the sun. Sun visors are designed differently than ball caps and other billed or brimmed hats so that they are both cooler to wear and easier to slip on and off. They are excellent accessories to wear for certain sports like tennis and golf, and will shade your face and eyes when you are outdoors for an extended period of time.

When buying a sun visor, consider it like any other article of clothing and try it on to ensure it is comfortable. Some people prefer the style that slips onto the front of the head and is held on with arms similar to those of glasses. However, you may find this particular style of sun visor uncomfortable. Similarly, the style with a strap in the back may be more or less comfortable to you. Trying on different styles is the best way to find a good fit.


Also consider the frequency and activities for which you will wear a sun visor. The slide-on style may be a good choice for extended walking such as visiting a zoo, amusement park, beach, or other outdoor attraction. If you are concerned about keeping your hairstyle intact, the slide-on style sun visor is the better choice. However, if you are purchasing a sun visor to be worn while playing tennis, softball, golf, or another sport in which you are very active, a sun visor with a strap in back is going to stay in place better.

In addition to choosing a sun visor with the proper fit and style to suit you, be sure the size and shape of the bill on the visor shades your eyes and nose well. Also remember that while the sun visor will help shade your eyes and face, using sunscreen of at least SPF 15 is essential to complete protection.

Sun visors come in various colors and materials. They may be covered with canvas or cotton, or simply made of a hard plastic. Cotton fabric is cooler in the summer, but canvas material may prove more durable. A plastic sun visor is easy to clean, but may not be extremely comfortable. When choosing colors, keep in mind that lighter colors are cooler to wear in the summer sun than dark colors and that dark colors will fade after extended exposure to the sun.


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This is a great article.

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I have ordered a SlimShadeez visor. I got the navy one but since they are quite inexpensive, I will order several colors. Really work great. No pressure on my forehead like other visors. Lays flat and fits in a pocket of my purse. Love them!

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There is a new type of visor available made from foam and fabric that attaches directly to your sunglasses so there is no strap that gets caught in your hair or clamps that give you a headache. It's called SlimShadeez.

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