What Should I Consider When Buying a Microphone?

Malcolm Tatum

When it comes to buying microphones, there is a certain basic level of expertise that should be employed. Here are the three main things to keep in mind when buying a microphone of any type.

If you just want a simple computer microphone for voice chats or conferencing, a desktop microphone will do.
If you just want a simple computer microphone for voice chats or conferencing, a desktop microphone will do.

One of the first things to consider when buying a microphone is the type of usage that will be incurred by the microphone. Not all microphones are made for use in a wide variety of situations. For example, there is a big difference between the purchase of mikes that are going to be used in a secure environment, such as a sound proofed room, and those that are intended for use on a concert stage. Buy understanding how the microphone will be employed, it is easier to focus on the right types of microphones and not waste time looking at models that will not perform well in that situation.

A microphone.
A microphone.

Second, determine what level of sound quality will be acceptable for your new mike. Check onthe frequency response and the clarity of the transmission when buying a microphone. If at all possible run a quick test with a demonstration model, and make sure the unit will do what you need it to do in the way of sound capture and transmission. If the level of quality is not sufficient for your purposes, then check out other brands.

A third factor to keep in mind when buying a microphone is how compatible the new microphone will be with your existing equipment. While you may find a brand and product that is just great, there is no point in buying a microphone that cannot be easily miked to the sound equipment you already have in hand. Even if there are adapters that you could pick up, it may be a good idea to buy a microphone that is ready made to interact with your components.

The good thing is that many types of microphones are not all that expensive. That means you can find units that will work well in just about any situation without laying out a lot of money. Generally, basic microphones that will work with off the shelf recorders will start in the range of $25.00 US Dollars (USD). Even microphones that are intended for use with stage work can be purchased for less than $300.00 USD and still get reliable quality and performance. Because the prices are so reasonable, you may want to consider the possibility of covering your bases, by buying a microphone for use now, and then a second one to keep on hand for unexpected emergencies.

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