What Should I Consider When Buying a Garbage Disposal?

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Thankfully, buying a garbage disposal is not something homeowners have to do very often. Most will last for 10-15 years, but once the in-sink unit does go out, the convenience of a disposal will soon be missed. If you find yourself without a working disposal, you'll need to consider your local regulations, how much use it will get, how it connects to the dishwasher, and if you want additional features.

When buying a garbage disposal, the first consideration are your local laws and regulations governing these devices. If you are simply replacing a worn out unit, you probably don't have to be too concerned about this first step, but there may be new regulations that you are not aware of. You should certainly check with local officials if your home has never had one, because some areas restrict their use.

Many garbage disposals come with 1/3 horsepower motors, which are generally suited to the workload in an apartment or single-family home. Newer models are also available and provide 1/2 horsepower to 1 horsepower. When you are considering buying a new disposal, you will want to factor in how much use it will get. A larger home with a large family will require a stronger motor.


Another consideration is design. When considering a new disposal, check to ensure that it has a dishwasher connection. This allows food particles from the dishwasher to be flushed away through the disposal system. If looks play a part in your decision, many new garbage disposals are made of stainless steel for streamlined looks — and for durability.

Added features should also be considered when buying a garbage disposal. Many people choose to pay a bit more to get a super quiet disposal, while others find such elements as corrosion protection shields, overload manual reset buttons, self-service wrenches, and anti-splash baffles to be important features.

Major garbage disposal companies put out brochures about their products; pick up a few at your local hardware store to review at home, and don't forget to ask a few questions of the appliance personnel while you are at the store. They have probably developed a good working knowledge of the different types and brands, and their expertise could save you some money. Reviewing the length of warranty that covers your new disposal is, of course, a prudent plan.

Installation is a relatively difficult do-it-yourself task. If you are experienced with plumbing, you may want to give it a try; in most cases, however, you should probably contact local electrician or plumber to install your new garbage disposal.

Invented by John W. Hammes in 1927, the garbage disposal has become a standard appliance in most American homes. By learning what to consider when buying one, you can replace your unit easier — and get back to enjoying the convenience of this very practical kitchen appliance.


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Thank you. This article was very helpful, much better than others I found

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Once you have your garbage disposal installed and working, you want to keep it clean smelling. I use lemon or orange peels and grind them, then let some clean water through. It leaves the garbage disposal clean and pleasant smelling.

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