What Should I Consider When Buying a Commercial Freezer?

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Commercial freezers are heavy-duty freezer units designed to do everything that a home freezer or freezer refrigerator can do, plus much more. Used in restaurant and hotel kitchens, the commercial freezer makes it possible to store large quantities of meats and other frozen foods safely. When thinking about purchasing a commercial freezer, there are several important points to consider before making an actual purchase.

Many people assume there is only one basic design for a commercial freezer. That is not the case at all. Just as with home freezers, there is a range of designs and sizes for an industrial freezer that will work in just about any commercial kitchen. Your goal is to choose the right one for your kitchen.

An upright freezer is often a great idea for storing items on shelves; because upright models come in different sizes, it is possible to choose one that will tuck away in a corner of the kitchen and serve as the perfect adjunct to a larger freezer unit.

A chest freezer can also work well in the kitchens of smaller restaurants and cafes. Usually a little larger than their home counterparts, the chest freezer is accessed by raising the single lid. A commercial freezer of this type is ideal when stacking and storing large quantities of foods that are in more or less uniform sizes.


The walk-in freezer is ideal for larger operations. Often, a commercial freezer of this type is divided into two compartments. The outer compartment is ideal for storing desserts and other items that do not require hard freezing. The inner compartment works very well for storing cuts of meat, whole turkeys and chickens, and even whole sides of beef. Another advantage of a walk-in commercial freezer is that it is possible to wheel a stainless steel rack loaded with prepared desserts into the outer chamber, then retrieve them when necessary.

Along with settling on the type and size of commercial freezer you need, it is also a good idea to check the general construction of the cabinet, the evaporator, and the motor. Ideally, you will find the cabinet is clean and does not appear to be dented. Check to make sure the seal on the door or doors is flush with the cabinet, as this will mean less energy expended to keep foods at proper temperatures.

Listen to the fan and evaporator to make sure the fan is running easily. To test the evaporator, pour a small amount of water into the drain pan; this will let you know if there is any unseen damage or flaw in the functionality. As for the motor on the commercial freezer, make sure it runs smoothly and with relative quiet. Don’t forget to double-check the condenser, especially if purchasing a used commercial freezer.

The idea behind choosing the right commercial freezer is to purchase a unit that is large enough for your needs, fits into the general food preparation area with ease, and is in top working order. If everything is in order, there is much less chance of encountering problems with the freezer and having to spend money on repairs or possibly even replacing the unit in the near future.


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Commercial freezers are built more rigorous and powerful. Check online to see the industry standard for commercial freezers of all types.

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what is the difference between the same size commercial and residential freezers?

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