What Should I Consider When Buying a Book Bag?

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A book bag is necessary for carrying textbooks, papers, pens, pencils and all other school supplies back and forth to school. Without a book bag, students would have to struggle to hand carry all the components necessary for their heavy workload.

Because the students of today are a lot busier than the students of ten or twenty years ago, more school supplies must be carried around in large book bags. For this reason, it's important to find a sturdy book bag for your child. Heavy canvas messenger bags and backpacks are good choices, especially since they're trendy.

When it comes to a book bag, you get what you pay for. You can purchase a book bag at the discount mart, but this usually means you'll end up replacing it within the year. Your best bet is to pay more money for a quality back pack or messenger bag at a sporting goods store or mail order catalog company specializing in rugged gear.

Your child should be able to carry all his gear in his book bag with no discomfort. Straps should be snug, but not tight, holding the bag close to the body. Nothing should dig painfully into the back or shoulders. Many book bags now come with padded straps to help ease some of the burden.


A book bag should have ample room for textbooks, notebooks, binders and all the other gear a student will carry around during the day. The best models have separate pockets for pens, rulers and other small items. Items should be at your child's fingertips so he doesn't have to rummage around. With separate pockets, it will be easier for him to find what he's looking for.

Believe it or not, color is also an important consideration. For example, would you want your child to carry a white book bag? Guaranteed it will be grey or stained before he's had it a month. It's best to get dark colors on which dirt doesn't show up as easily.

The best choices for book bags are backpacks, because the burden is shared by two shoulders instead of one. If the book bag also comes with a strap for the waist, it's even better, because some of the weight can also be distributed to the hips.

If your child is experiencing back and shoulder pain, chances are it's due to a heavy backpack. To remedy this, lighten the load. If certain heavy items have to be taken home, use a rolling book bag. For children with a heavy workload, rolling book bags are a great idea. These work in much the same manner as rolling luggage. If the book bag is too heavy to carry over the shoulders, a handle can be pulled out and the bag can be toted around on its wheels.

No matter what you decide, remember that comfort and sturdiness are key. Take the time to find the a book bag that best suits your child's needs. School work might be a pain, but it doesn't have to be a pain in the back.


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italy12- Some people think that they need to purchase designer book bags, such as a Prada book bag, in order to get a quality product. This is not true. You can purchase a quality book bag at your local mall or retail store.

Fabrics and the design of the bag is more important than the brand. Pick a book bag that is made from a durable material such as canvas. Stay away from plastic book bags. They tend to rip easily. You will also want to look for a bag that is fully lined. Also look for padded straps and lots of interior space.

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Is it necessary to purchase a designer book bag in order to get one that is durable and will last a long time?

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