What Should I Consider When Buying a Belt Clip?

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One of the most important things to consider when choosing a belt clip for a cell phone or Blackberry is how well it stays clipped to the belt or pocket. If the spring mechanism in a belt clip is not sturdy and does not remain attached, there is a risk of damaging and perhaps even losing valuable equipment. It is well worth the extra few dollars to purchase a well made belt clip that will not easily detach itself.

Another factor to consider when selecting a belt clip is how well it protects the phone. Belt clips are available in a number of materials, such as plastic, vinyl, and leather. Each offers varying degrees of cushioning or protection from scratches or bumps.

Many leather or vinyl belt clips cover the entire phone and offer very good protection. A plastic, molded belt clip, on the other hand, may only cover the back of the phone, providing protection for just the battery. For those who like to wear their belt clip facing a pocket, however, a plastic belt clip offers adequate phone protection.


Ease of use is probably the bottom line to consider when choosing a belt clip. If the belt clip makes it inconvenient to use the phone, it is virtually worthless, no matter how secure it is or how well it protects the phone. If a Bluetooth® wireless headset, voice activated dialing, and remote phone answering are to be used with the phone, there will be no need to handle the phone during use. In this case, a belt clip simply needs to hold the device securely and protect it from impact. Leather and vinyl belt clips are appropriate in this situation.

For a phone with a traditional wire headset, with no headset, or without a voice activated device, access to the phone itself is a primary concern when choosing a belt clip. In this case, it is important to be able to quickly access the phone without fumbling with the belt clip. Some molded plastic belt clips are well suited for this situation. Choose a belt clip that does not block access to the headset or charger jacks. The phone should snap easily from the clip in a single motion, or better yet, should be able to open to answer a call without removing it from the belt clip at all.


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