What Should I Consider When Buying a Beach Wedding Dress?

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Your special day is on its way and you have decided to have a beach wedding. Your husband-to-be will think you are beautiful if you float down the aisle in a potato sack, but you know that it’s all about the dress. One convenient thing about beach weddings is that pretty much anything goes. Brides can wear almost whatever color or style they like. However, there are a few things that you should consider when buying a beach wedding dress.

The most important thing to consider when buying a beach wedding dress is also the most important thing to consider when buying any piece of clothing. If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t buy it! It’s very important to find a dress that fits well and flatters your figure, even if you have to pay extra money to have it altered. In addition to looking good on the hanger, it should look good on your body. For example, if you are on the curvy to plus size side, find a beach wedding dress that accentuates your curves and if you are thin and lacking curves, look for styles to add some shape to you.


Another thing to consider when you are buying a beach wedding dress is the weather. The elements play an important role in beach weddings. You have sun, sand and water to think about. The bright, hot sun of beach destinations is not conducive to wearing big, bulky gowns with long sleeves. Many brides opt for slip dresses or simple sleeveless or strapless dresses that remain cool in the sun. You should definitely not have a train on your beach wedding dress because it isn’t attractive when it is dragging through the sand. In addition, refrain from a big cathedral veil. It will look awkward, at best, blowing in the ocean breeze.

In addition to the weather, it is important to consider the general setting of your wedding when buying a beach wedding dress. It is important to blend with the setting around you and set the tone for your wedding with your dress. If you are getting married in front of a five star beach resort a casual cotton dress with flip flops will most likely be too casual for the setting. Likewise, an ornate gown will be too dressy if you have chosen to have a small intimate wedding on a private beach somewhere.

The final thing to consider when buying a beach wedding dress is how well your dress will travel. If you live by the beach and the dress doesn’t have to travel a long distance, it allows you to be more liberal in the fabric selection of your dress. If you are driving or flying a long distance, it is recommended to stick to materials that are easily ironed, such as lace or silk chiffon. Harder fabrics, such as linen or satin will severely wrinkle and require professional pressing or steaming when you arrive at the beach with your dress.


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Post 2

Comfort! How far will the bride have to walk on the sand? Will she wear shoes or go barefoot? These are considerations. A dress should be comfortable enough to walk freely in across a sandy beach.

I agree with Pippinwhite -- get a dress that's clear of the ground. I can't imagine traipsing around on a beach, dragging a train behind me. That's just insanity, or uber pretentious, or something. It's not beach-friendly, at any rate. Keep the design simple. Definitely.

Post 1

I have a friend who got married on the beach in Hawaii. Sigh. She wore a very simple, cream tea length sheath and a flower in her hair. It was lovely.

If I were going to have a beach wedding, I'd want something that didn't touch the ground. The cleaners would have a heck of a time getting the sand out of the hem. Something tea or ankle length would be the best for me, and nice and easy and flowing.

I think lace would be nice for a beach wedding, since it gives an airy feel to a dress. I'd say simple is the watchword for a beach wedding dress.

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