What Should Be Included on Computer Engineering Resumes?

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Computer engineering is a competitive industry, and it is important for a job seeker in this field to present a strong resume to prospective employers. The structure of the resume will vary depending on the candidate’s educational and professional background. Recent graduates may want to stress their educational accomplishments, while older candidates will want to highlight skills and work experience. All computer engineering resumes should focus on qualities relevant to the positions for which the candidate is applying. In some situations, it may be best to omit extra information to keep the resume to one or two pages.

Computer engineering resumes should begin with the candidate’s name and contact information, including street address, telephone numbers and email address. The candidate’s name should be in bold and in a larger font size than the rest of the text. A section containing a short paragraph describing the candidate’s professional objectives or goals within the engineering industry should immediately follow the contact information. These objectives also should be related to the work for which the candidate is applying.


The next section of most computer engineering resumes will contain the candidate’s professional experience and any notable career achievements. Most employers will expect work experience to be outlined in reverse chronological order. Candidates should emphasize any jobs related to the computer industry or involving computer experience and may wish to omit certain types of employment to keep the resume shorter and more focused on their current career objectives. Candidates with gaps in employment could use a functional resume format that focuses on skills and omits dates in the work history.

Education and training are often listed next, also in reverse chronological order. Most prospective employees in this field will hold a degree in computer engineering, software engineering or computer science and should make sure this is included on the resume along with any academic honors. Computer certifications can also be listed here along with relevant coursework or projects in which the candidate may have been involved during school.

Some computer engineers choose to include a section listing occupational skills. This can be useful for recent graduates who may not have much relevant work experience to reference. The skills section can be limited to technical skills or include other attributes the candidate feels might help strengthen his resume. The list of technical skills should cover any computer programs, operating systems and programming languages with which the candidate has experience.

Most computer engineering resumes should be limited to one or two pages and give an accurate picture of a candidate’s training and experience. When applying for a computer engineering position, prospective employees should include a cover letter stating their interest in the job and mentioning some qualities that might make them a good fit with the organization. The resume and cover letter should always emphasize the candidate’s computer knowledge and technical abilities.


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