What Should Be Included on a Webmaster Resume?

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A webmaster resume should typically include any information that makes a particular candidate more attractive to a potential employer. This often begins with an indication of the objective or goal a candidate has in mind for sending the resume to a company, which should then be followed by information about that candidate. The order of this information can vary, depending on the preference of the person making the webmaster resume, but it can begin with technical skills he or she has. Following this, information about education and previous work experience should be provided, as well as details regarding technical certification and any professional honors received.

The purpose of a webmaster resume is for a candidate looking for work to be able to provide a potential employer with details about himself or herself. Most resumes should be only one page in length, so a great deal of information often has to be relayed in a manner that is brief and efficient. It is often a good idea for a candidate to begin a webmaster resume with a statement of his or her objective, which is to be employed by the company he or she is contacting. This provides a prospective employer with an understanding of the type of position a candidate wants and demonstrates that the candidate knows the company he or she is contacting.


After this brief statement, a webmaster resume should include information about the background of a candidate. This can begin with technical skills that are important for a webmaster, including the specific software and applications the candidate has experience with. Details should be kept to a minimum on a webmaster resume, so precise language is important.

Professional experience should also be indicated on a webmaster resume, typically beginning with the most recent work a person has performed. A candidate should try to only list relevant work experience dealing with website design or administration. This can be difficult for someone just entering a field, in which case education may be more prominent than experience on the resume. The order of information provided and the extent of the details listed often depend on an individual candidate’s background, so resumes should be customized to fit the needs of a particular candidate.

Additional information that is relevant to work as a webmaster can also be given by a candidate. If someone has won awards for previous work, either academic or professional, then they should be indicated on a webmaster resume. Any technical certification a person has that can be applied to working as a webmaster can also be included, as well as relevant interests a candidate has, if there is room.


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