What Practical Method Do Some People Use to Communicate with God?

The Israeli post office has a "Letters to God" department in Jerusalem that receives about 1,000 letters a year. The Israeli post office separates letters addressed to God and the letters are placed into the cracks in the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall. The letters are eventually removed from the wall to make room for new ones and are buried in soil. The Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall oversees the process.

Letters addressed to God and mailed to Jerusalem find their way to the "dead-letter office." The letters are usually not read, but are simply delivered to the Western Wall, which is also home to the prayers of millions of people who visit every year. The Western Wall is the wall of the temple built by Solomon. The temple was destroyed in 586 BCE and the remaining wall is believed to be a sacred architecture. Jerusalem is a holy city and of significance to all Abrahamic traditions.

More about Israel:

  • Israel is a Middle Eastern country that has borders with Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and Gaza Strip.

  • As of 2014, Israel has a population close to 8 million, Hebrew is the official language and it is ethnically 75% Jewish.

  • Israel is a parliamentary democracy that declared its independence in 1948. Its capital is Jerusalem.

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Very interesting. Who would have thought there was a post office for God? I can drop him a letter too. Thanks.

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Wow! Glad to hear this!Somehow, I didn't even think that people would try to do this, but this is very sweet and touching.

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