What Personality Traits Help a Successful Logistician?

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Some of the personality traits that help a successful logistician are the ability to work well under pressure, the ability to maintain a strong focus, the innate ability to prioritize tasks according to their level of importance and strong leadership abilities. In addition to these traits, logisticians must also be able to work well with others and, in particular, be able to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries. A logistician must be a self-starter, be able to work with minimal supervision, be loyal and trustworthy, be an analytical thinker, an effective communicator and be detail-oriented.

A successful logistician is often required to work under very strict deadlines, which may produce a lot of stress in individuals who are not prepared to work under these circumstances. In order to meet such deadlines, it is important that individuals working in logistics are able to remain focused and think quickly, particularly when unexpected situations arise, to make sure a project is completed in time. Often, a logistician must quickly reorganize a list of priorities to be sure a company’s objectives are properly met.


Those who work in logistics careers must sometimes interact with employees in foreign countries. For instance, in order for a logistician to manage the supply chain for an employer, regular communication with and ordering from manufacturers in other countries may be required. Therefore, a logistician must be a good written and oral communicator, and may even be required to speak a foreign language. Logisticians must also be able to work well with people from other cultural backgrounds.

Many logisticians work in manufacturing careers, military branches, supply chain management, transportation management and various careers which require the storage of materials. In each of these capacities, logisticians may be required to work in a team environment or may even be relied upon to lead other employees. As access to proprietary information is often made available to people working in logistics, it is also important for logisticians to be loyal and trustworthy.

A successful logistician is an individual who is confident in her or his abilities and, beyond training needed to perform required duties, does not need a lot of individual supervision. Whether working in manufacturing jobs or within the military, logisticians must be self-starters who pay close attention to detail and have good troubleshooting capabilities. Those working in management positions must be competent leaders able to motivate team members to perform at optimal levels.


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