What Percentage of Florida Oranges Are Used to Make Juice?

The state of Florida is one of the leading producers of oranges in the world, and an estimated 90% of Florida oranges are used to make juice. Florida orange juice accounts for about 40% of the world’s orange juice supply. Brazil is the leading producer of oranges worldwide. Florida is the US leader in the orange industry as well as the citrus industry as a whole, accounting for about 70% of all US citrus sales each year. Oranges are thought to have been first planted in Florida in the mid-1500s by Spanish conquistadors and began to be commercially farmed in Florida during the 1800s.

More about Florida oranges:

  • The first orange tree in Florida is believed to have been planted in what is now St. Augustine.

  • Florida has the greatest agricultural income in the southeast US, and an estimated $10 billion US Dollars each year are attributed to the Florida citrus industry.

  • Orange juice is the most commonly consumed fruit juice in the world. In 2009, about 37% of all fruit juice consumed was orange flavored, and more than 80% of these drinks were orange juice.

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I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1952 with a major in geography. We already knew then that Florida oranges were primarily used to produce juice, compared to California ones that were for eating. The primary reason being that the sandy soil of Florida, compared to the loam in California, was more conducive to producing juicy oranges in the East, compared to the pulp rich ones in the West.

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