What Kind of Makeup Helps My Face Look Thinner?

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It is possible to make your face look thinner by using a few different types of makeup, namely foundation, concealer, and bronzer. Certain types of blush, applied correctly, can make your face look thinner as well. The key is to create the appearance of contours; a defined jawline, and high cheekbones, for example, will always give you a thinner appearance than if your face appears completely round or square. The basic idea to contour your face is to provide a lighter foundation shade all over the face, and then a slightly darker shade to create the appearance of shadows and bone structure.

When you are attempting to use makeup to look thinner, it is necessary to begin with a smooth palette. Apply concealer as needed, to areas of redness and darker areas under the eyes. Then, apply a smooth liquid or powder over the entire face in a shade that matches your natural skin tone, and blend it well along the hairline and jaw. This will even everything out and make you look wide awake and healthy. Some beauty experts then advise using two different shades of foundation to create the contoured look, but depending on your face shape, you may be able to just use one, or even some well-placed blush or bronzer.


You will want to choose a foundation that is just a little darker than the first layer of product, and therefore a little darker than your natural skin tone; apply it to areas where contours would naturally appear. Experts typically advise applying this contour shade lightly under the cheekbones, to make it appear as if you have higher cheekbones, as well as along the jawline. This will mimic the appearance of shadows, and immediately make your face look thinner. It may take some practice to achieve a natural look with this, but once you master it, it is quite effective.

Some people will then add one more step to help the face look thinner, either with a bit of bronzer, or a lighter shade for highlighting purposes. These shades, rather than being applied to the side of the face, are applied to the front such as the forehead and the chin. Again, this should be applied very lightly in order to look natural. The theory behind this is that they will call attention to the narrower part of the face, and appear to highlight the areas where the sun would hit naturally, giving the skin a healthy glow.


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Post 3

@spotiche5- If you have a lighter complexion, you should try using a plum blush shade on your cheeks to make your face look thinner. If your complexion tone is darker, a rose-colored shade will probably look great on your cheeks.

These deep yet subtle colors attract the eye to the mid-face area, and add depth to the face. In turn, they create the illusion of length, which is the goal if you have a larger face. They also provide the added benefit of making the cheekbones appear high and dramatic, which is always a good look.

Post 2

@spotiche5- You should definitely stay away from light blush shades and those with sparkly or shimmery finishes. These colors and effects can make your face appear wider, in my opinion.

On the other hand, soft, mauve tones are great for slimming the face. By carefully blending this shade directly beneath your cheekbones, you will instantly slim your face. Just make sure that you blend the blush thoroughly so you don't create a fake, made-up look.

Post 1

I'm looking for the best shade of blush to use to make my face look thinner, and which shades are not good options. I've heard that some shades can emphasize a plump face, so I want to avoid them.

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