What Jobs are Available in the Financial Industry?

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The financial industry can be divided into three broad categories: financial services, investment instruments and the stock market. Each of these areas offers a wealth of jobs and opportunities. Invest the time to learn more about these industries and job requirements to find an area that is suitable for you. Experience in one area of the large financial industry is easily transferable to another sector, providing a larger pool of potential employers.

The financial services sector includes banking, loan granting companies, and credit card companies. All these firms are focused on providing a financial service that is required by consumers on a daily basis. Entry-level jobs are available in customer service, account management, and system operations.

Intermediate and supervisor positions require post-secondary education in accounting or business. These types of roles include management, systems implementation, business analyst, and technical support. Senior management positions require a master's degree and at least ten years experience in the financial services sector.

Investment companies purchase mutual funds, long-term bonds and other financial tools. Customer service and customer account management positions are the typical roles available at the entry-level position. The minimum educational requirements are a certificate in investments and customer service training.


A large number of the positions available in an investment firm are related to sales and sales management. Post-secondary education is required for management and computer system positions. A degree in accounting is required for all account reconciliation and budgeting positions, as these positions have very complex duties.

The stock market is a financial industry sector that allows members of the public to invest and hold shares in large, listed companies. The buying and selling of shares is affected by a company’s financial performance, market conditions, and other factors. Entry-level positions in this sector are customer service positions, data management, and sales.

Positions as a trader or stockbroker require an advanced certificate in financial trading and some states require a license. Management and senior positions require a post secondary education in business or accounting. Jobs in system management, maintenance, and analysis are widely available and rely on familiarity with computer systems.

Within these areas of the financial industry, there are wide ranges of specialty or niche sectors. Mortgage issuing and management is a very important sector of the financial services industry, offering jobs as mortgage brokers, account managers, and sales representatives. Auto financing is another sector that offers opportunities for loan officers, credit managers, finance managers, and customer service staff.


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